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Emily May

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by Emily May on May 6, 2022


Bright ideas for Sun Awareness Week

This year Sun Awareness Week runs from 2-8 May 2022. Created by the British Association of Dermatologists, the campaign aims to raise awareness of the importance of sun protection against skin cancer. BAD also hopes that the campaign will make people aware of the dangers associated with excessive tanning. They want to discourage using sunbeds and teach people how to spot the signs of skin cancer to increase the chance of early diagnosis. 

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by Emily May on May 31, 2022


May's new feature round-up

Curious about what we've been working on at Fresha? Well, you're in luck. We’ve put client updates centre-stage this month, with improved business notifications and the ability to reply to reviews. Save time managing your product inventory with upgraded stock importing, ordering and receiving functionalities. Grab a cup of tea and read what’s new.


by Emily May on Oct 19, 2022


Meet the Partners: How Katy Carter uses Fresha to run her successful clinic

Everyone knows beauty is more than skin deep, and Katy Carter Aesthetics’ professional facial treatments are a real confidence boost. This young entrepreneur from Portsmouth is on the path to success, powered by Fresha's deposits feature, powerful marketing tools and time-saving all-in-one platform. 

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by Emily May on May 18, 2022


7 top tips to boost your income with Fresha Store

Once you’ve set up your Fresha Store and you’re ready to sell your products online, what next? 

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by Emily May on May 3, 2022


Introducing our new low stock notification feature

Product sales may never become the main source of income for many hair, beauty or wellness businesses, but they can still form a successful and profitable side hustle.

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by Emily May on Apr 11, 2022


3 ways to boost your Easter sales

Now is the perfect time to launch campaigns and boost your sales ahead of the Easter Weekend (15-17 April). Easter represents a time of new beginnings, so your clients will be thinking about revitalising their hair and beauty routines and welcoming in the new season with a fresh new look. 

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by Emily May on Apr 12, 2022


What’s new at Fresha? Read our latest feature roundup 🚀

It’s been a busy few months at Fresha! First up, we were thrilled to introduce appointment deposits, alongside our upgraded point of sale experience! Then we released our calendar syncing feature so you can see your Fresha appointments in your Google calendar. Plus some news you may have missed — automatic post-treatment advice and extra appointment reminders for your clients. Read on to learn more.


by Emily May on May 6, 2022


Meet the Partners: How David James bounced back from the pandemic using Fresha’s contactless payments


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by Emily May on Apr 25, 2022


Add value to your client experience with blast marketing campaigns

When it comes to marketing, many hair, beauty and wellness businesses focus on discounts, promotions and offers, but this doesn’t always need to be the case. A ‘soft sell’ approach can be just as effective at generating online bookings and sales.


by Emily May on Apr 20, 2022


How to protect your business against the energy crisis

As the hair, beauty and wellness industry faces a huge rise in energy costs, how can you limit the impact on your salon or spa business? In normal circumstances, you’d shop around to find a better deal with an alternative gas and/or electricity provider, but with energy markets being so volatile, switching now could actually cost you more.


by Emily May on Dec 9, 2021


6 ways to delight your clients this festive season

With a whole host of festive celebrations taking place over the next few weeks, we’re all looking forward to family get-togethers, parties, and some much-needed time off. Many of us will be getting out and about to socialise after a long time apart… which means extra demand on the beauty and wellness industry.

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by Emily May on May 12, 2022


5 ways our deposits feature can help your business

Losing income due to no-shows and late cancellations is not only frustrating for hair, beauty and wellness professionals, but it’s also very costly to your business. We’ve addressed this issue head-on for our partners with no-show and late cancellation protection, and more recently with our new deposits feature.

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by Emily May on Apr 28, 2022


Boost birthday sales with Fresha's Auto campaigns

It’s a really nice touch to treat clients to a discount on their birthday – and you’ll be surprised to discover how easy it is to do this with our online appointment scheduling software for hair salons, men’s grooming, beauty salons and spas. 

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by Emily May on May 24, 2022


How to attract both new and existing clients

There are two main ways to grow your business – one is to win new clients and the other is to tempt your existing clients to try new services and spend more. So, why not do both? 

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by Emily May on Jun 9, 2022


Father’s Day gift ideas and how to market them

Mother’s Day is already big business when it comes to salon and spa gift sales – so why should Father’s Day be any different? Men continue to become much more discerning and indulgent in their grooming and beauty choices. Of course, Father’s Day is great for barbershops and men’s grooming salons, but with the rise in men’s beauty treatments, salons, spas and other wellness businesses can benefit too.  

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by Emily May on May 20, 2022


How to make the most of wedding season part 1: for salons and barbers

As we officially enter wedding season, let’s take a look at some ways your salon or barbershop can prepare for those wedding bells. Do you know how to boost your bridal hair services? Do you offer packages that appeal to the whole wedding party, while also being inclusive of same-sex weddings and men's grooming? 


by Emily May on Jul 22, 2022


Celebrate your resilience with International Self Care Day

Every year, the 24th of July marks International Self Care Day. An initiative from the Global Self-Care Foundation, the event promotes healthy lifestyle and self-care programs around the world. This year the focus is on resilience, and the organisers ask you to reflect on the lessons you’ve learnt from the last few years and make a new commitment to self-care. 


by Emily May on Jun 21, 2022


Making the most of Fresha's notifications

Communicating with your clients is an essential part of delivering a great service experience. Although there’s nothing quite like face-to-face interactions, technology plays a vital role in the nurturing process. Doing it well, and frequently, helps to build and strengthen a real connection between you and your clients. 


by Emily May on Jul 5, 2022


7 simple ways to use email marketing to your advantage

Planning a successful email marketing campaign can be a challenge for any business owner, especially if you feel more comfortable communicating with your clients face to face. With Fresha’s free salon and spa appointment scheduling software, you don’t need to overthink your marketing strategy or wrap your head around any expensive or complex delivery systems. 


by Emily May on Jul 11, 2022


Use Fresha’s communication and marketing tools for a brighter summer

Here comes the summer sun, and with it comes the start of a busy summer season for beauty therapists, hairdressers and barbers everywhere. Despite the natural rise in demand for hair and beauty services and treatments, it’s also a perfect time to maximise opportunities and reach your business potential.


by Emily May on Jun 14, 2022


How to make the most of wedding season part 2: for beauty and wellness

Wedding season is well underway, and now is the time for your beauty and wellness business to make some gains by enticing bridal parties to come to you for all things pre-wedding and wedding prep. Here is a selection of ideas to help your beauty, spa or wellness business attract more brides and grooms to maximise profits this summer. Pass the confetti!


by Emily May on Sep 28, 2022


Get rewarded for recommending Fresha

You can now earn credits by inviting your friends to our subscription-free software through our new referral program! Once your friend has set up their business account and processed card payments, you'll both be rewarded with free credits to use on Fresha’s paid features. And the best part? The more you share, the more you’ll earn.


by Emily May on Jun 16, 2022


Marketing for Men’s Health Week

Men’s Health Week on 13th-19th June is the perfect time to reach out to your male clients to raise awareness of issues relating to men’s health and wellbeing, and to put a spotlight on your men’s grooming, beauty and well-being services.


by Emily May on Sep 14, 2021


How Volta’s Spa and Beauty use Fresha’s marketing features to keep their calendar full

Volta’s Spa and Beauty in South-West London is run by mother-daughter duo Kritika and Varsha. After finding their previous online booking system was no longer suited to the needs of their business, they made the decision to switch to Fresha Plus in April 2021. Since then, they have been using Fresha's market-leading spa software to reconnect with their clients and bring Bali-inspired massage, beauty, and nail services to their local community.


by Emily May on Jul 27, 2022


What's new at Fresha?

Have you heard about Fresha's latest features? We’re making it even easier to run your business — so you can focus on doing your best work. 


by Emily May on Jul 1, 2022


5 ways Fresha can make the day-to-day running of your business easier

Whatever the size of your business, day-to-day management and admin tasks can take their toll on you, as the salon owner, and on your staff. Finding the time to keep up with your diary, the admin and promotional tasks involved with running your business can be overwhelming - especially when you want to focus your passion for delivering exceptional hair and beauty services. 

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by Emily May on Jun 5, 2022


Reduce your plastic to celebrate World Environment Day

World Environment Day is celebrated every year on June 5, and this year its theme focuses on “Beating Plastic Pollution.” Led by the United Nations, this event aims to raise awareness and generate action on pressing environmental issues.

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by Emily May on Jul 13, 2022


Meet the Partners: How Fresha is boosting House of Gloss’s business

Monika Serafim specialises in high-tech, high-value beauty treatments including laser hair removal, microdermabrasion facials and nail care. As an expert cosmetologist and owner at House of Gloss, London, she makes every client “feel like they’re visiting an old friend”.

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by Emily May on Oct 25, 2022


How do I run effective promotions with Fresha?

Fresha's new promotions tool allows you to create and share discount codes with your clients, which they can use when booking online or during checkout. Treat your loyal clients with seasonal offers, or attract new clients with a one-off code.

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by Emily May on Nov 2, 2022


New ways for your clients to pay with Fresha: Apple Pay and QR codes

Fresha is introducing Apple Pay and QR codes for your clients to easily pay or leave a tip, with no sign-up required. Checkout is easy and smooth, with no need to send payment links via text or for clients to get out their cards. Just scan and pay. Simple as that.

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by Emily May on Nov 10, 2022


How to send the best promotional texts this Black Friday

There’s no need to spend ages planning out your Black Friday promotional texts — we’ve got you covered. 

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by Emily May on Nov 24, 2022


How a pro footballer uses Fresha to run his massage therapy business while playing for England

As a proud member of both England and Great Britain’s blind football teams, Brandon Coleman’s passion for sport has led him to understand how everyday muscle pains can affect both performance and comfort. Working with everyone from elite athletes to construction workers, Brandon offers unique deep tissue and holistic treatments based in a purpose-built studio at his home in Horndean, near Portsmouth. 


by Emily May on Dec 6, 2022


Easily import all your clients to Fresha

So you’ve signed up to Fresha (hooray!), added your services and added your team members… what’s next? We recommend adding all your existing clients to your Fresha account before you start scheduling people for appointments or going online. 


by Emily May on Dec 19, 2022


How Black Lotus Barbers used Fresha to take their business online

Black Lotus Barbers is an inclusive, friendly barbershop located in the heart of Stirling, Scotland. Owner Amy Wright made the switch from pen and paper to our online booking platform two years ago and hasn’t looked back since. Read on to find out how she uses Fresha to streamline everything, from managing appointments and payments to displaying customer reviews.

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by Emily May on Jan 6, 2023


Easy ways to manage multiple business locations with Fresha

Whether you want your beauty and wellness business to expand to two or three locations in your neighbourhood, or create a new nationwide chain or franchise, there are many challenges to overcome.