6 ways to delight your clients this festive season

With a whole host of festive celebrations taking place over the next few weeks, we’re all looking forward to family get-togethers, parties, and some much-needed time off. Many of us will be getting out and about to socialise after a long time apart… which means extra demand on the beauty and wellness industry.


Providing excellent customer service should always be the goal for salons and spas, but at this time of year, when time is short and stress levels rise, there’s extra value to be had from wowing your clients. And Fresha is here to help! So why not see this season as an extra opportunity to delight your customers? If you can successfully navigate the busiest season and boost your revenue, then you’ll strengthen your client relationships going into 2022 and beyond. 

Increase your opening hours

Booking appointments during busy times can be a daunting experience. Luckily, Fresha’s integrated book now links for your website, Google, social media or your free online booking profile makes this as easy as possible for those looking to secure their next pamper session. As online bookings use real-time availability, you’ll never have to worry about double-booking yourself during the seasonal rush.


You may consider opening up your business an extra day per week in the lead-up to the festive period or offer early morning and late-night appointments to give your customers more flexibility when booking. That way, your customers have more opportunities to get holiday-ready hair or nails and avoid that last-minute rush or (worse) looking elsewhere. Simply update your staff working hours by adding or editing an existing shift.

Create the right ambiance

When it comes to decorating your business for the festive season, planning is key. Before digging out last year's tangled-up tinsel and fairy lights, have a think about what kind of experience your client will be looking for. Will they be looking to switch off and unwind after a day spent shopping? Or get in the party mood with some sing-along tunes and a selfie station? Your choice of music, decorations, and window displays should all reflect this and tie into your business values. 


Themed decor, such as focusing on particular colour-ways or materials can add a stylish touch. Whether you’re going for a rustic woodland vibe or chic and minimalist, make sure to match this with your business aesthetic. And consider using eco-friendly packaging and reusable decorations to promote sustainable practices in your community.

Inspire better gift-giving in-store

It’s worth remembering that a lot of shopping is done on a whim, so make sure your products are always visible, stocked up, and displayed in an attractive way. Place lower-priced items next to the checkout for stocking fillers or Secret Santas. For higher-priced products, consider displaying personalised recommendations by you and your staff. You could even invest in some gift boxes and ribbons and offer a gift-wrapping service for an extra touch. 


For last-minute gifts, remind your clients if they buy an online or in-store gift card, it can be printed out to pop into a card or sent directly to their loved ones via their inbox with a personalised message. A brand new customer for you, and an effortless gift for your client, it’s a win-win! 

Spruce up your service menu

It’s always a good idea to change up your service menu with the seasons, by reordering service categories, writing new descriptions, or creating themed packages for the time of year. 


Packages are particularly useful for maximising your revenue and time spent with clients. You can group services that are often booked together into a package, such as a brow tint and lash lift, or a blow-dry and makeup treatment. Add value with a discount, or throw in an extra treat such as a glass of prosecco, snack, or hot chocolate. Seasonal services and packages can then be taken offline until you’re ready to use them again next year.

Get your staff into the competitive (holiday) spirit

Fresha’s tiered staff commissions can be set up as a percentage or a static amount (such as $1 for every product sold) and can be increased once they reach a certain threshold. This means your staff can get rewarded at different rates depending on the number of sales they make.


This is an added incentive for your team to make the most of the end of the year’s earning potential. There’s no harm in creating a bit of competition either, with an extra gift, hamper, or even an extra day off as a prize.

You can even plan commissions for future time periods too. Want to look at this in more detail? No problem. Our detailed reports include filters by staff, product type, services, and links.

Host a shopping event or festive party (or just say thank you!)

Make your clients feel special with an invite to a discounted shopping event or festive drinks and nibbles at your business, by sending out a blast campaign via email and/or SMS. Or save time (and trees!) by simply sending your good wishes to your clients and thanking them for their custom over 2021.


You can also show your appreciation to your loyal clients by enabling the Reward Regulars campaign. This will send out automatically to your regular clients with a discount to use on their next appointment - perfect for filling up your calendar in the New Year.

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