Add value to your client experience with blast marketing campaigns

When it comes to marketing, many hair, beauty and wellness businesses focus heavily on discounts and promotions; but there are other powerful ideas you can use to connect with your clients and keep them engaged. A ‘soft sell,’ for example, can be just as good at getting you booked.

With the right online booking platform, you’ll be able to easily personalise your email and text message campaigns for your clients to match their needs and interests, from tips to help them with post-treatment care, to  product recommendations.


Use your expertise to connect with clients

Remember, your clients chose you because they value your knowledge and skill. While there’s no denying that exclusive offers are attention grabbing, mix up your messaging to build on this trust and showcase your expertise, offer advice, and share important news. 

You can even link your advice to a service or product you offer or invite them in for a free consultation to make your message actionable and get your clients planning their next booking. 

Content ideas you can use to engage with clients 

If you need inspiration for engaging content that will encourage your clients to book or buy, start with these simple but effective ideas. Changing seasons, new team members, and new services, treatments and products are all worthy topics that will pique interest. 

Here are some example topics to open communications with your clients:

  • 5 top tips to prepare your skin for spring
  • Meet our new stylist/beautician/barber 
  • 3 luxurious treatments to prep your body for summer
  • 3 top tips and products to tame your hair

Clients will love to hear your latest news, especially in this format, which reads more like the kind of advice they get from reading a magazine or online article. The fact that it’s come from you, their very own salon, makes it all the more powerful. If you’re sharing really important news, like a new venue’s address or updated opening hours, use a multichannel blast campaign to send your content via both email and text message and maximise your chances of reaching clients. 


Text message templates to kick start your blast campaigns

Text message marketing is a great way to immediately connect with your clients, wherever they are. They’re short and punchy, offer a personal touch, and will significantly complement your email marketing efforts.

Use your text message campaigns to drive clients to your website or your online marketplace profile. Remember to include URLs that send clients to the right pages. 

Here are few templates to get you started:

  • "Check out this summer’s hottest hairstyles on our blog! [Link]"
  • "Meet Jax, our new nail artist. Take a look at her stunning portfolio: [Link]"
  • "Our online store is now live! Shop your favourite products today. [Link]"
  • “Let's revamp your skincare routine. Book a free consultation with us now. [Link]”

Helpful hints: marketing message basics

Once you’ve decided what message to share in your blast marketing campaign, use these tips tips to help you maximise its impact and potential:

  • Use good quality images
  • Double check your spelling and grammar
  • Keep your message short and simple – don’t overwhelm clients with text
  • Include some of your latest positive reviews (add a link so clients can also leave reviews)
  • Share links so your clients can book appointments or shop in your online store

Remember, your blast marketing campaigns are more than just promotion tools – they’re an extension of your brand. Use engaging, personalised content to enrich every client’s experience and build a connection. Try these ideas in your next campaign and see how great marketing can lead to a thriving business.

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