When it comes to marketing, many hair, beauty and wellness businesses focus on discounts, promotions and offers, but this doesn’t always need to be the case. A ‘soft sell’ approach can be just as effective at generating online bookings and sales.


As the best appointment scheduling software for small hair and beauty businesses, you use Fresha to manage appointments, but you can also use its tools to connect and engage with your clients. These strengthened relationships will in turn boost your appointments and sales. You can easily send personalised emails and SMS text messages directly to your clients with our Blast marketing campaigns feature. As your client contact details are safely stored and linked to your live data, you can quickly and accurately target the right groups of people.

Boost the value of your expertise


Sending marketing emails that your clients will really appreciate and respond to doesn’t always have to be sales or offer-led. While there’s no denying that exclusive discounts are attention-grabbing, mix up your messaging to showcase your expertise, offer advice, and serve up hair and beauty tips and news. 

Remember, your clients don’t come to you because they get deals and discounts, they value your professional expertise. Build on this trust by pointing them to new ways of enhancing their hair, skin and nail care. Reinforcing your knowledge is a powerful alternative route to direct sales.

Linking your expertise to a new product or service innovation, inviting your client in for a consultation review, or just giving them food for thought, are all valuable aspects of your marketing strategy. 

Add value with engaging content


If you’re at a loss as to how to create engaging content that will encourage your clients to book or buy, simple occasions and events in everyday life will give you good reasons to reach out. The changing seasons, cultural references, new team members, and the introduction of new services, treatments and products are all worthy topics that will peak interest. 

Here’s a small selection of example topics to open up communication:

  • 5 nail art trends to inspire your next manicure
  • Meet our new stylist/beautician/barber 
  • 3 luxurious treatments to prep your skin for summer
  • Top tips and products to tame your hair

Clients will love to hear your latest news in this format, which reads more like the kind of advice they read in a magazine or online article. The fact that it comes directly from their favourite salon or spa makes it all the more powerful.

SMS text messages suitable for marketing?


Yes. Blast email campaigns are perfect for marketing activity, but don’t forget to use the SMS text messages function to your advantage too. Although they may cost more to send, texts have a much higher open and click-through rate compared with emails.

You can use this feature to encourage clients onto your Fresha profile, website or social pages. Add a Fresha link to entire service offering, or a custom URL link of your choice. Texts are short and punchy, and can reinforce the email campaigns that you’re sending. Try titles such as:

  • Spring’s hottest hair - read more on our latest blog
  • Meet our new nail artist Jax, and see some of her stunning portfolio
  • Introducing our new online store! Get all your favourite products today 
  • Let’s talk about your skin. Book your free skincare review with our expert now!

Back to basics


Once you’ve decided what message to share in your Blast marketing campaign, make sure you maximise its impact and potential:

  • Use high-quality images
  • Double check your spelling and grammar (use free tools such as Grammarly)
  • Keep your message simple – don’t overload messages or people will switch off
  • Include some of your latest 5-star reviews
  • Share Fresha links so your clients can book appointments, buy vouchers or shop in your online store

Fresha’s appointment scheduling software is free to join with many free-to-use features. If you haven’t joined us already, sign up here http://www.fresha.com/for-business.

Note: Fresha’s Blast marketing email and text charges vary, depending on your region.