Father’s Day gift ideas and how to market them

With men everywhere upping their self-care game, Father's Day is a great time for not only barbershops, but salons, spas, and other wellness businesses, to market their services as the ultimate gift for father figures. 

As Father’s Day approaches, take the opportunity to launch a marketing campaign focused on great gift ideas, and showcase your business as the top choice for clients who want to treat the special people in their lives. 


Creative Father’s Day gift ideas clients will love

Getting the perfect present for a father figure doesn’t have to be difficult. Encourage your clients to get creative with their gift ideas and invest in an experience that will improve their fathers’ wellness, or provide grooming beyond their usual haircut, shave and beard trim.

Traditional treatments and experiences popular with men include facials, sports massages, saunas and steam rooms. However, stereotypes are fading and new trends are emerging in men’s grooming; men are now increasingly interested in high-value treatments like hair removal and Botox.

Here's how you can take the most popular treatments on your service list and market them for Father’s Day.

4 easy ways to create a tempting Father’s Day offer

Package deals: Packages let you group a number of services and treatments together to create greater value, introduce clients to new treatments and, of course, offer attractive gift options. For barbershops, popular packages include ‘Dad and lad’ haircuts for fathers and kids to get a fresh look together.

Product bundles: If your clients are looking for a great gift idea for Father’s Day, why not bundle your products into gift packages and sell them online? Use a booking software like Fresha to set up a product store and offer your clients themed gift sets for beard care, hair styling, or skin care. Adding delivery options will make it easy for clients to send their gifts straight to their loved ones.

Memberships: Memberships are the gifts that keep on giving – they’re not only great value for your clients, but they also bring in recurring revenue for your business. Fathers who get memberships as gifts will enjoy the convenience of having their visits paid for ahead of time. Plus, with so many repeat bookings, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to win them over and turn them into loyal, regular clients. 

Gift cards: Gift cards make a simple yet effective gift. They’re ideal for clients who aren’t sure what to buy, or for those who’d rather let their father figure choose his own treatment. When your clients redeem their gift cards, take the opportunity to upsell add-ons or extras that go well with their chosen treatment, like a beard trim or deep conditioning.


Promote your Father’s Day deals

Now that your Father’s Day deals are ready, it’s time to roll them out across your website and social media channels to maximise awareness. Encourage your followers to engage with your promotions by creating strong content to pique their interest.

And remember, send your Father’s Day promotions straight to your clients with marketing emails and text messages to get them booking Father’s Day treatments and buying your gift bundles.  Use a blast marketing tool that makes it easy for you, with Father’s Day campaign templates, segmentation that lets you target the right clients at the right time, and reports showing you exactly how your Father’s Day marketing performs. 

One last thing worth considering: give your clients the choice to opt out of Father’s Day communications. Whether they have a complicated relationship with their father or they’re struggling to become a parent themselves, there’s a variety of reasons why this particular day might be challenging for them and why they might not want to receive communications about it. So, consider starting your Father’s Day outreach with an email asking if they’d like to opt out, and then edit your Father’s Day outreach list accordingly. 

If you already have a Fresha account, you’ve got everything you need at your fingertips – all you need to do is log in and get started. Not signed up yet? It’s free, and fast – sign up now and get your marketing campaign ready in time for Father’s Day.

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