Meet the Partners: How Katy Carter uses Fresha to run her successful clinic

Everyone knows beauty is more than skin deep, and Katy Carter Aesthetics’ professional facial treatments are a real confidence boost. This young entrepreneur from Portsmouth is on the path to success, powered by Fresha's upfront payments feature, powerful marketing tools and time-saving all-in-one platform. 



Now, Katy’s expanded to a high-tech clinic with three treatment rooms, and brought two team members on board. She says: “I enjoy helping people and making people feel good, and doing what I'm good at brings joy to me.”

Upfront payments for peace of mind


According to Katy, Fresha’s ease of use and its integrated payment features are essential for her business’ growth.

“Fresha’s the only booking app I have ever got on with. It's the easiest to use. And it has every single function that you could possibly want to have a secure business, and avoid getting let down by no-shows.” 


Fresha's upfront payments give Katy peace of mind, especially for her lengthier services. “It provides security knowing that if you've blocked out a two-and-a-half hour appointment for a client, and they cancel or don't show up, your time is covered and you don’t lose out on anything.”

Katy’s also had good feedback from clients who appreciate the 50% upfront payment policy, as they prefer to pay half now, half later.

Fresha’s automated messages are another reason for Katy’s low no-show rate:

“Everyone has a super busy lifestyle and we do forget things, so it really helps to get a 24-hour reminder text and email.” 

Secure forms and blast emails


Since using Fresha, Katy has been able to minimise time spent on admin work, and can instead focus on expanding her business. 

Having consultation forms sent directly for clients to fill in before their appointment means Katy can check their notes before they come in too, to make sure they're suitable for treatment.

Online forms not only reduce Katy’s admin time, but ensure her clients always get the most out of their appointment. Instead of spending the first 20 minutes filling out forms, they can fill them in at home without feeling rushed or it impacting their treatment time. 

Katy also loves the fact the notes and forms are digitised, secure and all in one place. “It’s a lot easier than having thousands of pieces of paper from notes… it's so reliable because you can't lose anything,” she says.

Although Katy has disabled online bookings due to high demand, she uses Fresha’s blast emails to update her clients on any changes or new services. Katy often takes advantage of the feature to send a bulk email to a target group, such as regulars or new clients: “It allows you to get your message across very easily, very quickly.”

The journey to success


Although Katy Carter Aesthetics has gone from strength to strength, Katy admits she doesn’t often look back to see how far she’s come. But reviews and comments from her happy clients help her take stock. She says: “I had a client that messaged me to say "you've quite literally changed my life. My confidence is through the roof. Having someone thank you for your skills is such a nice feeling.”

With a fully booked calendar and Fresha by her side, it’s clear Katy’s business will continue to grow. Katy has recommended the software to many other business owners:

“Fresha has been a massive part of my success. It’s a booking system that allows you to send consultation forms, secure your appointment, send out marketing messages — what more could you want?”

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