How do I run effective promotions with Fresha?

Fresha's new promotions tool allows you to create and share discount codes with your clients, which they can use when booking online or during checkout. Treat your loyal clients with seasonal offers, or attract new clients with a one-off code.


You can customise your promotions down to the last detail, including:

  • Start and end date
  • How many times a code can be used
  • What services or products it applies to
  • Which locations the deal is valid at

For more information on setting up a promotion, read our dedicated guide here.

Here are our top tips for running a successful deal:

Create a memorable promotion code


The maximum amount of characters you can use is 20. You can use your business name, and seasonal words or phrases to create a catchy code. 

Choose a combination of capital letters and numbers that are easy to remember and describe the offer, like ‘XMASCUT22’. 

But make sure your code is not so generic that people can guess it, like  BLACKFRIDAY or SAVE. 

Share your code on social posts, posters, newsletters or wherever else you promote your services.

Be clear about the details

Once you’ve created a custom deal, make sure you clearly communicate the details to your clients. That way, you won’t have any frustrated or confused clients missing the deal deadline, or trying to use a discount code on services that aren’t part of the deal. 

Always list the services that the deal applies to, and if the deal only applies to a specific date range or business location, let your clients know. Similarly, if a deal only applies to certain clients (like new clients, or existing clients), make this clear to avoid disappointment. 

In any online posts about your deal, you could share a link that has the deal’s full terms and conditions, listed on your website, blog or social media account. 

Share your promotion via text or email

Once you’ve created your promotion, promote it to your existing Fresha clients via a blast message. From your promotion details page, select Create a campaign and then choose either to send it to your clients via email or text. 

Blast campaigns are the best way you can promote discounts and seasonal promotions. Plus, once your blast campaign message has been sent, you can see how many views and clicks it received — as well as how many bookings it has generated.

Start promoting your business today with Fresha’s in-built marketing tools

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