New ways for your clients to pay with Fresha: Apple Pay and QR codes

Fresha is introducing Apple Pay and QR codes for your clients to easily pay or leave a tip, with no sign-up required. Checkout is easy and smooth, with no need to send payment links via text or for clients to get out their cards. Just scan and pay. Simple as that.


Take payments via QR code

Here’s how it works:

  1. Once it’s time to check out, select QR code as the payment method.
  2. Click Show QR code.
  3. Ask the client to scan the QR code using their phone camera.
  4. The client securely enters their payment details. You will be notified when they are adding their card details and when the payment is being processed.

For more details, read our guide here.

Apple Pay

Used for everything from grocery shopping to ordering taxis, mobile payments are becoming more and more popular. Your clients will love the added convenience and security, paying for their appointments with a snappy double-tap. 

And never fear, Android users: Google Pay is coming to Fresha soon.

Clients can pay, tip, and review without logging in

Your clients can now pay and tip online without the need to create or log in to their Fresha account. It's faster for them, and less of a hassle with no need to enter email and passwords. 

It’s also great news for you, as reviews and ratings build trust and attract new clients to your business. 

In fact, we’ve been delighted to see a three times increase in reviews for Fresha partners since we’ve made this change, alongside more client notification improvements. 

With more ways to pay and a smoother experience, your clients will leave happier than ever — and even more eager to book their next visit. 

Find out more ways that Fresha can benefit your business, with zero monthly payments at

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