Use Fresha’s communication and marketing tools for a brighter summer

Here comes the summer sun, and with it comes the start of a busy summer season for beauty therapists, hairdressers and barbers everywhere. Despite the natural rise in demand for hair and beauty services and treatments, it’s also a perfect time to maximise opportunities and reach your business potential.


Competition is a fact of business life, so you’ll need to make sure that new and existing clients are choosing to come to you for all their hair, beauty and wellness needs with a dazzling summer marketing campaign. 

Marketing tools to help you sell summer

As your clients prepare to head off for their summer holiday, enjoy days out or just spend their leisure time with friends and family, they’ll be at risk of causing sun damage to their hair and skin. Keeping them informed of the best hair and beauty services and treatments to prevent or counteract this, while making them aware of the latest trends, can help to position your expertise and generate appointment bookings.


Here’s a run-down of Fresha’s key features to increase bookings:

Notifications: Automated notifications confirm appointments, send reminders and thank clients for their custom. Personalised sections allow you to include extra information such as links to your online store and directions to your salon, or to remind them to book summer treatments while you still have availability.

Auto campaigns: You can use auto campaigns to send birthday offers, welcome new clients, win back lapsed ones and reward regulars. This is an excellent time-saving feature, as you only need to set up the campaign once and it will automatically send. Auto campaigns can also be personalised with your own text and images, or you can use our suggested templates. 

Blast campaigns: As the best tool to connect with your existing clients use blast campaigns to send one-off marketing emails and text messages featuring all of your latest news, treatments and offers and a booking button. Add value by offering up top tips and expert advice for summer hair and beauty.

Finally, make sure that your marketing plan includes maximising exposure on your social media channels and website. This ensures you will attract both new and existing clients.

Getting your campaigns in motion


Now you know the best Fresha tools to use, here are some ideas to set your marketing campaign in motion. Focus on summer trends and specific treatments, products and services that you can sell individually or as part of a package to help your clients feel holiday-ready.



It’s not just skin that needs protection against UV rays, hair is vulnerable too. Deep-conditioning treatments and specific hair care products that can rehydrate dry and brittle locks are highly recommended at this time of year. Hair colour needs special care too, as the effects of the sun, sea, salt and sand can inflict damage and compromise colour integrity and hair structure.

Offering summer hair care expertise and specific products and treatments to protect the hair, hair colour and scalp will be most welcome and result in more appointments and product sales. 



Fresh, glowing and healthy-looking skin is what everyone wants. Exfoliation will be in high demand to bring out that glow and prep skin to help your clients achieve and prolong a sun-kissed look, safely. Hydrating facials refresh the complexion, while cellulite-reducing treatments will be popular for those keen to show off that new swimwear.

Use Fresha to update your client on the risks of excessive sun exposure whilst pointing them to key services and treatments that will keep them safe, and make them look and feel sensational.



Foot care is essential year-round, but in summer the demand is greater as our feet are on show more in sandals and flip-flops. A foot and leg massage works wonders by increasing lymphatic drainage to reduce swelling for sleeker ankles, while exfoliating treatments that remove dry and rough skin, especially around the heels, leaving feet feeling baby soft and ready for that pedicure. 



This brings us to nails. Clients will want their nails to look pristine and well cared for, with colours that pop out against summer outfits. Traditional and gel manicures and pedicures will refresh finger and toe nails, but don’t forget treatments such as masks for an intense hit of moisturisation. These treatments rehydrate work-weary hands and feet to achieve the best results.

Hair removal


Hair removal treatments will see a boost in popularity through the summer months. Bikini waxing, threading, sugaring, electrolysis, laser hair removal and intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy all give clients the confidence to embrace summer, but they need to be well informed.

For example, sun exposure directly after hair removal treatments is not recommended, as the skin is more vulnerable to UV rays. Advise clients on the best timing for treatments, as well as proper aftercare. Before they go, you can upsell follow-up treatments and appropriate SPF products to ensure your clients are safe and well in the sun.

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