Celebrate your resilience with International Self Care Day

Every year, the 24th of July marks International Self Care Day. An initiative from the Global Self-Care Foundation, the event promotes healthy lifestyle and self-care programs around the world. This year the focus is on resilience, and the organisers ask you to reflect on the lessons you’ve learnt from the last few years and make a new commitment to self-care. 


With this theme in mind, why not use this event to celebrate your salon or spa surviving the pandemic by treating your clients and your business to a little TLC?

Promoting and selling self-care

International Self Care Day is the perfect time to promote any treatments that relieve stress, give a confidence boost or deliver a quick pick-me-up. An incentive of a discount can generate extra service and product sales. It is also a great opportunity to win back any clients who haven't visited for a while, and invite them back in for some much-needed pampering. 1-Jul-22-2022-04-25-35-85-PM

Create a package: Bring together a selection of treatments and products to create a multi-service package. Bundles such as a hair colour, cut and dry, manicure and pedicures or even a couples massage are very effective. Creating a package allows you to block out the required time necessary to deliver the treatments and you can easily apply a discount.

Use the Quick Sale feature: If you can predict which products and treatments will be in higher demand this International Self Care Day, then why not add them to your Quick Sale items so you can checkout your clients in a flash? It’s quick and easy to edit your selected items, so you can change them regularly to reflect seasonal trends and special events.

Send a marketing message: Fresha’s powerful marketing tools help you to connect with clients so you can let them know about any special promotions you have planned for International Self Care Day. You can use our blast campaign feature to send fully customisable marketing emails and texts.

Don’t forget self-care in the workplace

Looking after the clients is the number one priority for most businesses who work with the public, and the hair and beauty industry is no exception to that rule. 


However, it’s important to look after yourself and your staff too. Take the opportunity to step back, relieve some work stress, and think about how the environment in your salon or spa could be better for everyone. 

Communicate with your team to make sure they are feeling happy and confident. Make sure your workspace is clean and clear to reduce stress triggers, and feel free to suggest and implement any workplace policies that you think would have a positive impact on your team.

This could be anything from group yoga classes, walking challenges, encouraging going outside during breaks, and creating comfortable areas to relax with plants, healthy snacks and books. Ask your team to contribute to any changes so you can design a workplace environment based on their needs and wishes.

Look after yourself, your clients, and your staff this International Self Care Day with Fresha, the best appointment scheduling software for hair, beauty and wellness businesses.

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