How to protect your business against the energy crisis

As the hair, beauty and wellness industry faces a huge rise in energy costs, how can you limit the impact on your salon or spa business? In normal circumstances, you’d shop around to find a better deal with an alternative gas and/or electricity provider, but with energy markets being so volatile, switching now could actually cost you more.


Energy consumption is a major overhead for any hair, beauty or wellness business. As the significant rise in energy costs takes effect, reducing usage and making changes to reduce costs will be a priority. But with many energy-dependent tools and equipment essential to delivering services and treatments, lowering energy usage across your entire business may feel impossible! Nevertheless, there are things you can do.

Here are just 5 simple, fast and effective changes you could make to protect your hair, beauty or wellness business against the rising cost of energy.  

Switch or mix your towels with biodegradable disposable options

Towels are essential for your business, but have you considered switching or mixing traditional cotton towels with disposable ones? As the industry looks for more environmentally sound and energy-efficient options, there are a number of brands specialising in natural, biodegradable towels which are not only better for the environment, they’re also super-absorbent, germ-free and cost-saving. 

Brands like Scrummi provide eco-friendly biodegradable towels that can result in substantial savings, as they dramatically reduce water usage and electricity consumption due to constantly running washing machines and dryers, and you use less detergent too. Of course, some luxury and spa services demand plump cotton towels, but for many hair, barbering and beauty services, this one small change could make a huge difference!



Switch to energy-efficient lighting

Talk about a light-bulb moment. It’s time to switch to LED bulbs if you’re serious about saving money. This little change takes no time at all but the benefit to your business will be huge. LED bulbs are so much more efficient than traditional bulbs, using up to 90% less energy. Impressive!


Go paperless and switch to technology

We’re all living in a digital world and it’s easier than ever to ditch the paper. With clients increasingly using technology too, there’s no need to rely on appointment cards, flyers, paper loyalty cards and other stationery and marketing materials which create clutter, and waste money. 

Our online appointment scheduling software for salons and spas makes the day-to-day running of hair, beauty and wellness businesses easier, and it’s paperless too. Not only can you take all of your bookings via the Fresha app or website, you can also send marketing messages, run campaigns, send appointment reminders, issue loyalty rewards and much more.  3

Reduce the thermostat by one degree

Naturally, you want your clients and staff to feel warm and comfortable in your salon or spa, but did you know that turning down your thermostat by just one degree could instantly cut your heating costs by over £100 a year? We promise that it’s such a small temperature difference, you’ll barely notice it.

Invest in a specialist hot water system

Hair, barbering and beauty businesses may well consider the installation of a specialist hot water system to ensure a constant supply of hot and cold water at the turn of a tap. 

Unlike conventional boilers and water heaters, industry-specific boilers, such as Salon Aquaflow, are more energy-efficient and hard-wearing, with a longer life expectancy. 

If the investment is just too much for you right now, then do make sure that you keep your existing boiler serviced to keep you safe, and ensure that it’s running efficiently. 

Run your business more efficiently with Fresha – the best appointment scheduling software for hair and beauty businesses.

Note: Scrummi and Salon Aquaflow are included for information and illustration. These brands are not endorsed or recommended by Fresha. Please ensure you research to find the brands and suppliers that are right for your business. 

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