What’s new at Fresha? Read our latest feature roundup 🚀

It’s been a busy few months at Fresha! First up, we were thrilled to introduce upfront payments, alongside our upgraded point of sale experience! Then we released our calendar syncing feature so you can see your Fresha appointments in your Google calendar. Plus some news you may have missed — automatic post-treatment advice and extra appointment reminders for your clients. Read on to learn more.


Avoid no-shows with upfront payments 💸

With Fresha, you can now ask clients to pay an upfront percentage of the services they've booked to secure their appointment. Upfront payments can be a partial amount or even the full price at the time of booking. This is fully customisable per service, and you can set this up for all clients, or certain groups only, such as first-time clients.

Taking an upfront payment is quick and easy with our online payment processing, and this amount is automatically taken off the final payment at check out. Or, if they don’t show up, you can keep the fee. You can set up upfront payments now if you're in a country where Fresha Pay is available.



We’ve made selling even easier 🛒 

Checking out clients is now a breeze with our all-new experience for creating sales. Whether you’re checking out an appointment, selling a product, gift card, membership, or asking for tips, Fresha makes it as smooth as possible. 

The New Sale tab has handy shortcuts to all your current and upcoming appointments, helpful for checking out clients in a flash. You can then add retail items to a virtual cart before selecting your client’s payment method. So splitting payments, processing refunds and exchanges and calculating change is now easier than ever. Read more here.


Link your Fresha calendar with Google 📅

You and your team members can now sync your Fresha calendar with personal calendars. Export your Fresha appointments to your Google calendar or other apps to view and manage both your work and personal schedules in one place. This will both prevent double bookings and save you time that can be better spent on yourself and your clients. 

For your security, sensitive info such as client details and booked services are not shared externally. Fresha appointments will simply show a start and end time on other calendars. To set this up, click here.


Send automatic aftercare advice 💌

Many of our partners need to send extra instructions for clients once they’ve stepped out the door after their treatment. These can be to avoid any reactions or for longer-lasting and effective results, such as asking clients to avoid saunas or tanning after laser hair removal, or putting on extra SPF following a facial.

As well as a short description of each service, you can add an individual aftercare description to your services menu with this key information. This will be automatically included in the Thank You email sent to clients as soon as their appointment is checked out. Multiple instructions can be sent for clients having more than one service. Easy!


Extra reminders for online bookings 🔔

We all need reminding sometimes, and often more than once! Fresha already allows Partners to send up to 2 reminder notifications for a single appointment via email and text message.

You now have the option to send another appointment reminder for appointments booked online, just 1 hour before it starts. This will be sent via email and an in-app notification in Fresha (if the client has switched these on).

To check and edit your current settings for appointments reminders, click here


That’s all for now 🎬

Stay tuned for more feature updates from the Fresha Product Team coming in the next few months. In the meantime, we’d love to hear from you – we work on new features and updates based on your feedback. You can view, vote for, and post new feature ideas here or get in touch via email.

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