Easily import all your clients to Fresha

So you’ve signed up to Fresha (hooray!), added your services and added your team members… what’s next? We recommend adding all your existing clients to your Fresha account before you start scheduling people for appointments or going online. 


With our new import feature, you can now easily import all your existing clients into your Fresha account and manage your entire database in one place.

What are the advantages of importing your clients?

  • You’ll have all your clients’ contact details in one place, ready for any time you need to reach them and also for any marketing campaigns you’ll want to run. Plus every time a new client books with you, their details will automatically get added to your Fresha client list. No more writing down email addresses and mobile numbers on paper. 
  • You can easily track important client details. Updated in real-time, your client feed gives you instant access to their appointments, cancellations, forms, purchases, and much more. You can also manually log any information you think is important for the client, and attach files (including photos!) to track the progress of treatments.
  • It’s much more secure. A digital database is much more secure than a paper diary. At Fresha, we take security very seriously. Your data won’t be shared with anyone and gets backed up every five minutes on our encrypted cloud database. Plus, our system uses SSL security and our hardware has top-of-the-range firewalls. Click here to read our Privacy Policy.
  • Fresha will automatically clean up duplicate data. It's a good idea to merge any duplicate client profiles you have on your client list so you can accurately track their appointment history and any upcoming bookings they might have. If any clients have used the same contact details, their contact details are detected and can be merged, with your permission. 

Important note: You won’t get charged any incorrect new client fees if your imported clients book through the Fresha marketplace. We’ll only charge new client fees for brand new clients who find you on the Fresha app. 

How to import your clients

Before you start, you’ll need a CSV file of your existing client data. If you have it in a different format, there are free file converters you can find on the web. Alternatively, you can download our CSV template and add all your client data there. 

Once you’ve got your CSV file, it’s simple:

  1. Go to the Clients section, click on Options and select Import Clients. 
  2. Under Upload file, you have two options. Either upload your existing client database in a CSV format or click the Download template to fill it with your client information and then upload.
  3. Click Upload file and select your CSV file, or drag and drop your CSV file into the blue box. 
  4. We’ll then process your file and check for any errors. Once your file has been uploaded, you’ll need to review the columns that Fresha may have name-matched in your file before importing. 
  5. Preview your list of clients being imported and check that all fields will be imported correctly. Any errors in a row will result in that row not being imported. To make any edits, correct your original file and reupload. Otherwise, if you are happy, click Start import.

Once the import is complete, you’ll see confirmation of the number of clients successfully imported. If you get stuck, read our dedicated support guide. 

Top Tip: Addresses cannot be imported separately into the Fresha client database, but you can include this in the Text column instead. Or, you can add addresses to your Client profile in the platform, by selecting the client, clicking Actions and selecting Edit Profile.

For more information on our subscription-free software, check out www.fresha.com/pricing. Or for tips on setting up your Fresha business account, check out our Getting Started guide.

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