How to make the most of wedding season part 2: for beauty and wellness

Wedding season is well underway, and now is the time for your beauty and wellness business to make some gains by enticing bridal parties to come to you for all things pre-wedding and wedding prep. Here is a selection of ideas to help your beauty, spa or wellness business attract more brides and grooms to maximise profits this summer. Pass the confetti!

Showcase your expertise


Expectations are heightened for perfect hair, nails and skin when it’s for a wedding. It will be a day ingrained in the memory, and captured in pictures and on film, so every bride, groom and guest will want to look flawless. So, broaden your scope and appeal not just to brides and grooms, but to all clients attending a wedding too.

It’s worth investing in local wedding shows, where you’re guaranteed to get noticed by budding brides and those who tag along for support. If you exhibit at a wedding show, try and capture some data by offering an incentive for potential clients to sign up for your mailing list. For example, a competition to win a free massage, or a discount on treatments.

Once you have this information, you can use our blast campaigns feature, which allows you to send targeted and personalised emails to your contacts. Use this to say how nice it was to meet them, invite them for a consultation and point them to your specialised services and packages for their consideration.

Push popular services for bridal parties


Make a big deal about your bridal services. Whether it's bridal makeup, lashes, brows, waxing, tanning, nails or spa days, it’s vital that those services are visible on the treatment list on your website and on your Fresha profile, so clients can easily book through our appointment software.

If you specialise in makeup, facials, and other relevant treatments, showcase your portfolio on your website and on social media so potential clients can see what you can do. People love to see real brides and couples, so do ask permission to share wedding pictures of your clients whenever possible.

Offer benefits and discounts for group bookings


Hen parties love spa days, and if you offer this service make it as easy as possible to book, with information on available packages and pricing per person. You could even team up with a nearby cafe or caterer to offer an afternoon tea with fizz after the group have enjoyed their treatments.

If there’s a lot of local competition, or you want to ensure your calendar is fully booked, then why not try some incentives to get more bridal parties through the door? A free treatment for the bride, complimentary refreshments, or a discount for mid-week bookings can all help to drum up extra business.

It’s not all about the bride!


With the rising demand within men’s grooming and beauty market, offering bespoke services and experiences for men will be effective. You can use Fresha’s package feature to group services together so clients can book a comprehensive package to prepare grooms, families and guests for the big day. 

This is also true when it comes to same-sex weddings. Creating special services and experiences for same-sex couples, and gender-neutral partners, will differentiate your business and show that you’re catering for everyone who wants to get married.

Create a memorable experience 


When selling to those planning a wedding, remember that you’re not just selling treatments, but selling an experience that will make them feel extra special. The more pleasurable the experience, the more likely they’ll recommend your services to others. 

Word of mouth can be make or break, so don’t miss the opportunity to earn your business a higher position on Google. With 80% of new clients using Google to find a business or service, this is an important opportunity to impress potential clients. 

It takes just minutes to set up Reserve with Google though your Fresha account, and it will give your business greater visibility on Google searches. This allows people to check your ratings and enables integrated booking with your Fresha calendar.

We hope this blog has inspired you to think bigger on what is the biggest day of many of your client’s lives! Discover more, or join or switch to Fresha’s free appointment scheduling software today!

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