How to attract new clients to your salon (and keep them coming back)

One of the most important aspects of running a salon is attracting new clients while retaining existing ones. We know how competitive the beauty and wellness market can be, and standing out from the crowd and building client loyalty is key.

We explore the most effective ways to expand your client base and create lasting relationships with your customers.


1. Know your target market

Understanding who your ideal clients are, their interests and needs, will allow you to tailor your marketing strategy to reach them effectively. This will also allow you to create a unique positioning that differentiates you from your competitors and boosts your brand's appeal.

2. Create a profile on an online marketplace

Your next goal should be to create a marketplace profile on your online booking platform to attract new clients. This allows people searching for the services you provide in your area to spot and book with your business. Personalise your profile with your unique branding to stand out from the competition, and make sure your treatment list reflects the services clients expect from your business.

3. Make the most out of online marketing

From email to social media, plan how you'll make the most out of your online marketing. By strategically focusing your digital marketing efforts, you can reach potential clients and promote your salon, while keeping your client database engaged. Here's what you should start by focusing on:

  • Search engine optimisation (SEO): optimising your website with relevant keywords and meta tags will help improve your site's organic ranking on search engines like Google, increasing your visibility for people searching for the services you offer.
  • Email marketing: make sure to collect your clients' email addresses and keep them updated on your promotions, services, and events via email marketing. You can personalise emails — sending a birthday message, for example — to make them feel valued.
  • Social media marketing: make the most out of social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok Facebook, and Twitter to engage with your target audience and promote your services and team. Share exclusive promotions, run competitions, and focus on content that educates and inspires your audience.

4. Provide exceptional customer service

Great customer service is crucial to retaining existing clients and attracting new ones. Your clients need to feel valued every time they visit your business. Train your staff to identify each clients’ needs and preferences, and offer a personalised service that meet those needs. Listen to client feedback, and address it with solutions that meet their expectations.

5. Offer promotions and packages

One way to attract new clients is by sharing special offers and promotions, delivered through your booking platform’s marketing tools. You can also use these to reward and retain your loyal clients. Offer exclusive deals, VIP event invitations, free consultations and refreshments.

When creating your promotions, show clients you care about their wellbeing by timing your offers and matching them to your clients’ needs. For example, you can offer a summer hair care package with hydration treatments, or a winter wellness package full of treatments that boost the immune system. 

6. Collect and display reviews

Reviews are the key to building a great online reputation. Take the opportunity to ask your clients for reviews via text messages and emails — if you're on Fresha, you can easily do that by setting up automatic “Thank you” text messages. Getting more Google Reviews will lead to more visibility on Google searches, so set up Reserve with Google and claim your Google My Business listing for the best chance of success.

7. Launch a referral programme

Create a referral programme to attract new clients while rewarding your existing ones. Encourage clients to refer friends and family with incentives like discounts or free add-ons for every referral they bring to your business. Add a time limit to your referral programme to create a sense of urgency and make it even more effective. For example, you can offer clients 10% off their next booking for every referral they make within a month. Having a clear end date will motivate your clients to refer more people, which means more potential new clients. 

8. Enable clients to book appointments online 

Make it easy for clients to browse your services and book appointments with a user-friendly online booking platform. Include the option to reschedule appointments, in order to accommodate clients’ busy schedules.

You can also sell membership packages to your most loyal clients to keep them coming back for their favourite treatments each month. This also guarantees you a fixed monthly income.

Use your online booking platform to keep up a steady flow of clients

You’ll need a booking platform with powerful, reliable marketing tools to reach your target audience and keep your appointment slots full, especially if you’re running a small business. Learn more about how Fresha can help you to win new clients and retain existing ones with our booking platform for salons and spas.

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