Bright ideas for Sun Awareness Week

This year Sun Awareness Week runs from 2-8 May 2022. Created by the British Association of Dermatologists, the campaign aims to raise awareness of the importance of sun protection against skin cancer. BAD also hopes that the campaign will make people aware of the dangers associated with excessive tanning. They want to discourage using sunbeds and teach people how to spot the signs of skin cancer to increase the chance of early diagnosis. 


If you run a beauty salon, tanning business or even a hair salon, Sun Awareness Week is an important date in your diary. Here’s how you can use the campaign to help your clients protect their skin and hair, while also promoting relevant services.

Selling sun substitutes 


Use Sun Awareness Week to let your clients know what sun substitutes are available through your business. You could invite them for a free consultation and patch test, and use this time to advise them on how they can protect their skin and still achieve that bronzed look with spray tanning and other sun-alternative treatments. If your retail products include fake tan, you can also advise them on picking the right colour for their skin tone.

Sunbeds may not go hand in hand with sun protection, but if your business includes sun beds or tanning booths, make sure you're educating your clients on using the equipment safely and responsibly. For example, shielding their eyes against UV rays with protective goggles. You could also offer information on how they can spot any skin anomalies and how and where to seek medical advice.

Bad flare day


We all know about the sun’s damaging effect on skin, but UV rays can also damage hair and hair follicles – making hair dry and brittle, causing split ends, fizziness and even thinning. 

All hair is susceptible to sun damage, but coloured hair is particularly prone to harmful UV rays. You can use this event to advise clients on how they can protect their roots, the best times to colour hair during summer, and the benefits of deep conditioning treatments and UV balm. 

Reach your clients with our marketing and sales features

While there’s a serious message to highlight and support, this event presents a golden opportunity too. But, given the sensitivity of the issue and how some clients may already be affected, be sensitive and tactful in your communications.

Use the occasion of Sun Awareness Week positively to inform, educate and inspire your clients with great ideas, information and services and products that can help them manage the impact of the sun on their hair and skin. Your expertise is highly valued and they will trust your advice and recommendations.


In addition to posting a blog on your website, you can share it on social media to reach a wider audience and reinforce it to clients using Fresha’s marketing tools including text and email Blast Marketing. This gives you the opportunity to position relevant products, treatments and services, and can also lead to an increase in appointment bookings and retail sales. And, if you have activated Fresha’s store feature, you can also run campaigns to highlight relevant products that clients can buy online for their upcoming holidays. 

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