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7 email marketing strategies to boost sales

by Fresha on March 27, 2023

Email marketing is a powerful tool for salons, barbershops and spas to connect with their clients and boost sales. We unpack 7 ways to use it to supercharge your sales.



Why email marketing is essential for beauty and wellness businesses

by Fresha on March 22, 2023

We unpack what email marketing can do for beauty and wellness businesses, its key benefits, and offer tips for creating effective campaigns.


The common email marketing mistakes salons should avoid

by Fresha on March 30, 2023

We explore the most common email marketing mistakes beauty and wellness businesses should avoid to maximise their marketing success.



The ultimate guide to salon promotions

by Fresha on March 7, 2023

The best salon promotion ideas, the main reasons why you should consider running one, and a step-by-step guide on how to create a successful promotion for your salon.


8 ways to take salon client care to the next level

by Fresha on March 16, 2023

Creating a welcoming environment, tailoring each service, and making sure clients leave feeling relaxed and happy are key. Discover eight tips to help take your client care to the next level, from how to communicate effectively to timeliness, personalisation and much more.

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How to choose the right salon software for your business

by Fresha on March 13, 2023

Discover the advantages of using salon software and learn about the crucial factors to consider when choosing a salon software to suit your business needs.


How reporting can help you manage your salon business

by Fresha on March 28, 2023

Learn how to effectively manage your salon with reporting tools. Discover the benefits of tracking key metrics and making informed decisions to grow your business.


6 tips to help you retain salon and spa staff

by Fresha on April 13, 2023

Job satisfaction is a huge factor in staff retention. Make sure your hair, beauty and wellness staff stay loyal to your business with these top tips.

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How OFF-CUT became South London’s go-to barbershop for stylish cuts

by Fresha on April 21, 2023

Harry Dye, manager of Off-Cut’s Camberwell venue, shares insider tips on how to run a barbershop like clockwork using Fresha, and what barbershop owners can do to reliably grow their client base.


The ultimate salon promotion checklist

by Fresha on April 26, 2023

Promotions are a surefire way to get more clients and bookings for your salon. Here's everything you need to know to run a promotion, plus templates you can use to get started.

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Lessons from 10 years of salon success with the founder of Henderson & Co

by Fresha on April 28, 2023

Find out how Kellie Henderson turned her salon into a go-to destination for hair care in Cardiff, and how switching to Fresha helped to make it all happen.


5 ways to enhance client care with Fresha

by Fresha on April 27, 2023

We explore five of the best ways you can use Fresha features to refine client care and give clients a personal, engaging experience at your salon or spa.


We chat with Louis Welsh, founder of one of Cardiff’s most iconic barbershops

by Fresha on May 11, 2023

Louis Welsh, founder of Gents of Brooklyn, shares his top tips on growing a successful barbershop, how to stand out from the competition, and how business owners can use Fresha to both win clients and empower staff.


Q&A with Decadence Salon: the strategies behind 10 years of success

by Fresha on May 18, 2023

Simon Finer, co-owner of Decadence Hair and Beauty, shares valuable tips from his firsthand experience as a salon owner and how Fresha has played an important role in his salon’s success.


Catching up with Pattern+Matter, Birmingham’s most eco-friendly hair salon

by Fresha on May 26, 2023

Dive into our Q&A with Pattern+Matter founder, Anthony Pytlinski, for the full story on how he successfully launched and grew his environmentally-friendly hair salon; and what Fresha features he used to do it.


BLACC + BLOND on growing one of the UK’s first gender and carbon-neutral salons

by Fresha on June 1, 2023

Discover how BLACC + BLOND achieved their goal of becoming one the UK’s first gender and carbon-neutral hair salons.


LS Studio Hair's founder reveals how salons can stand out in crowded markets

by Fresha on June 13, 2023

Lukasz Szejka, founder of LS Studio Hair salon in Bristol shares how he uses customer service and sustainability to stand out and win clients – and how Fresha helps him to do it.


How @66 Hair and Lifestyle uses Fresha to win clients, get booked, and grow

by Fresha on June 23, 2023

Glasgow-based @66 Hair and Lifestyle is an inclusive, vegan hair salon, built to be a safe space where clients can  express their creative selves. Find out how they use Fresha to grow the business.


Citryne Rose’s founder shares how salons can fill their calendar in a competitive market

by Fresha on July 27, 2023

Julie Dastine, founder of Citryne Rose, stands out Here’s how she’s using Fresha’s features to help her business and her team grow

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Up Next: here’s what we’re launching soon.

by Fresha on February 23, 2024

From our most highly requested features like waitlists, to smaller changes that will supercharge your day to day. Fresha is about to get better than ever. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the features coming up in the next few months.


Fresha Awards 2023

by Fresha on March 1, 2024

At Fresha we love uplifting and recognising the businesses we’re partnered with. The ones that are delivering exceptional service for their clients, pushing their business to the next level and setting the standard for the industry. Our 2023 awards are a way to celebrate the businesses that stood out from the crowd.


Becoming the ace of fades with Fresha

by Fresha on March 6, 2024

Based in Melbourne, the idea for Aces first came to Declan Seca when he started cutting his schoolmates’ hair at 15 years old. Declan opened Aces in 2018 after spotting a space in the Melbourne market.

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International Women’s Day 2024

by Fresha on March 8, 2024

For International Women’s Day we want to celebrate the ways our female partners are pushing the boundaries in the industry and making changes to their communities. So what better way to celebrate them than to get to know our women-owned businesses.

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Growing a hair haven in New York with Art Room Hair

by Fresha on March 27, 2024

Nestled away in Astoria, New York is Art Room Hair, a salon that specialises in curly haircuts. Owned by Sandra Stankovic and first opened in 2017, it’s filled with plants and signs dotted around claiming it’s a ‘drama-free zone’.

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Our brand ambassador, Mark Maciver, on growing his A-list clientele

by Fresha on April 2, 2024

Mark Maciver opened SliderCuts in 2018, but has been cutting hair since 2003. Over his career he’s nurtured an impressive client list, which includes UK rapper Stormzy and world heavyweight champion boxer Anthony Joshua.

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“Fresha holds a special place in my heart”: Shawanda on growing Sew Brooklyn with Fresha

by Fresha on April 17, 2024

In Sew Brooklyn’s own words: you shouldn’t have to travel into Manhattan for the service you really want and deserve. Shawanda saw that Brooklyn needed luxury of its own.


8 questions with Eighty-8 nail salon

by Fresha on April 22, 2024

The London-based Nail Salon Eighty-8, with studios in Notting Hill, Covent Garden, Battersea and Chelsea, has been growing since 2017. Built on quality and luxury, they’ve built a chain with over 50 members of staff and studios across central London. Managing them is no easy feat, however, but that’s where Fresha really shines.


How Fresha helped WILLOMINA, the Sydney-based salon, navigate the ups and downs of running a business

by Fresha on May 2, 2024

“I think it’s quite beautiful, starting a business and not knowing what you’re doing, because you literally have to dive in and just swim.”

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Danny Smith on managing three BarberSmiths studios across London

by Fresha on May 10, 2024

Meet Danny, founder of the London-based barbershop, BarberSmiths. Danny opened his first studio in Angel, North London, with the aim to create a traditional barbershop, with a warm atmosphere and highly skilled barbers, all at an affordable price.