5 ways to enhance client care with Fresha

With everyone managing their daily lives online, from communicating with friends and family, and instantly book everything from their weekly shop to cinema tickets — and of course their barbershop, salon, and spa appointments — first-rate digital client care is now the standard. Communications via text messages, email and app notifications have become integral to the client experience.

When it comes to salon software, Fresha is full of client care features that keep your clients better informed about your services and up to date on your latest offers, while making it as easy as possible for them to book and manage their appointments. We explore five of the best ways you can use Fresha features to refine client care at your salon or spa.


A quick and easy booking process

Our online booking system lets new clients discover and book your services in just a few clicks. Having a profile on the Fresha marketplace creates an online ‘shopfront’ for your business, letting you showcase your services, interior design and team. Plus your new and existing clients will enjoy a seamless booking experience from your website, social media, Google and marketplace profiles; and they’ll be able to manage their appointments as they see fit.

Setting up your marketplace profile is simple, and it can be easily edited to match your brand. Best of all, businesses listed on  our marketplace gain 26% more clients on average.  

Remember to add photos of your space, your portfolio, your service list and opening times, and of course a description of your business so clients can get a feel for what you do. 

Secure payment options 

When it comes to paying, convenience and security are your clients’ top priorities. Use Fresha payments to offer a whole range of secure payment methods, including contactless via Apple Pay or Google Pay, card capture at the time of booking, manual card entry, gift cards, links, and QR codes – so your clients can pay the way that suits them best. If they happen to forget their card, clients can still pay since you’ll have their card details saved on file. The smoother the payment experience, the more likely your clients are to leave a tip and book again.

Appointment notifications

Set up automated appointment notifications to stay in touch with clients and deepen their relationship with your brand. Send booking confirmations and appointment updates to help clients plan their schedules and show that you value their time. Set reminder messages to go out before a booking to reduce the chance that your client forgets to show up. You can also follow up after appointments with a “thank you” message showing your appreciation and asking clients to leave a review. 


Regulation-compliant data storage

Keep your client data safe and sound with our compliant booking platform. You can let your clients know that their confidential information is being stored safely, will never be provided to third parties, and will only ever be used to improve their service experience. Clients will feel more confident booking with your business knowing that you’re following all the rules and doing everything you can to protect their sensitive data, and respect their preferences.

Personalised marketing messages and auto campaigns

Use Fresha’s blast marketing and auto campaigns to target specific clients and make your marketing even more effective. With Fresha all your clients’ contact details are stored in one database, so it’s easy to make sure the right clients get the right message at the right time. 

For example, set up automated messages to welcome first-time clients, with a discount to encourage them to book again; share automatic birthday messages to wish clients well on their special day and share a birthday offer. Or identify your most loyal clients and make them feel valued with a blast campaign sharing an exclusive discount. Let clients know that they can opt out of marketing messages at any time, so they’ll always feel in control of their experience.

Elevate your client care

Transform the way your business communicates and enhance your client experience with Fresha’s client care tools. Sign up for free today.

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