LS Studio Hair's founder reveals how salons can stand out in crowded markets

Meet Lukasz Szejka, founder of the popular LS Studio Hair salon in Bristol. Lukasz and his team are unmatched when it comes to providing clients a refreshing break from their busy lives, along with stunning, personalised hairstyles.

We caught up with Lukasz to find out how he built his salon from the ground up, using customer service and sustainability to stand out and win clients – and how Fresha helped him to do it.

Tell us about your journey as a salon owner.

I started my career managing restaurants, and switched to managing salons after being offered a job by a well-known stylist. That gave me the opportunity to learn about the beauty industry and sharpen my own hairdressing skills.

Then I made a name for myself by entering L’Oréal’s Colour Trophy competition, where I won the chance to collaborate with L’Oréal. I used the publicity and momentum from that to launch my own hair salon. Now, we’re one of the most successful salons here in Bristol.

How do you make sure your salon stands out?

We’ve built our service around providing the most serene, relaxing treatment experience possible. We’re appointment-only, and carefully space out our appointments to keep the atmosphere peaceful and intimate. Each service is fully personalised: clients are welcomed, served a refreshment, given their treatments, and seen off, all by the same person. 

Our interior is also designed to complement our work and help clients feel comfortable, with calming earth tones and a collection of thriving plants. It’s like a little urban oasis.

What do clients love most about LS Studio Hair?

Clients come to us because they know that when they’re in the chair, they’re our sole focus. They get to unwind and escape the rush of everyday life, confident they’ll be leaving with amazing hair. We’ve even had a few clients relax so much they doze off. 

What’s the secret to your success?

From the beginning, we’ve aimed to stand out from high street salons and offer our clients a unique experience. We’re also committed to running a sustainable salon, which has really helped grow our reputation with our eco-conscious clients. We choose products from brands that share our values and use refillable bottles made from sustainable materials like amber glass.

What’s been your biggest challenge so far as a salon owner?

Getting the business off the ground came with a fair few difficulties, from day-to-day business management tasks like accounting, to getting the word out about our salon, all while trying to keep costs down. Fresha helped us overcome each of these challenges with its real-time booking calendar, in-depth sales reports, and online marketplace.


What led you to start using Fresha?

We needed a way to simplify our admin tasks, take control of the business’s schedule, and make it easy for clients to book. Fresha ticked all these boxes without even costing us a subscription, which really helped us grow on a tight budget. 

How easy was it to get started with Fresha?

Even though I’m not the most tech-savvy person, Fresha was simple and quick to learn, which really helped us hit the ground running. Not to mention, the team is always on-hand to support us if we need help figuring out a new feature.

How has Fresha helped you grow your business?

Fresha reviews are one of our most effective tools for attracting new clients. Credibility is key when it comes to hair salons, and having authentic, positive reviews boosts our reputation and builds trust with potential clients as they look for treatments online. Plus, Fresha’s automatic ‘thank you’ messages encourage clients to leave reviews after their appointments, which helps us keep collecting reviews and grow the business. 

What’s your all-time favourite Fresha feature?

If we had to pick one, it’s Fresha’s appointment reminder text messages and emails. Before I started using Fresha, we had several frustrating no-shows where clients would forget their appointments – which cost us hours of valuable time. But with Fresha’s reminder messages, our clients hardly ever forget; and they’re automatic, so we don’t have to lift a finger. 

As a failsafe, we also take upfront payments using Fresha to make sure we’re still compensated for our time if we do get no-shows. 

One word of advice salon owners need to hear?

Focus on how you can make your salon experience unique and memorable. There’s plenty of competition in the beauty market, so use your specialties like exclusive treatments, great customer service, or sustainable practices to stand out and win more clients.

It’s easier to do when you have an online booking platform like Fresha to rely on. Your clients will love being in control of their own booking experience, and you’ll be free to focus on growing your business.

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