6 tips to help you retain salon and spa staff

Loyal, reliable staff are the cornerstone of every salon and spa. Having a team you can depend on will help you provide consistently great service, maintain a productive work environment and build a great reputation for your business. The best way to keep skilled employees on your team is to make sure they feel valued and satisfied with their jobs.

A high staff turnover can push up your recruitment costs, and can negatively impact your businesses’ reputation. Aside from the savings in recruitment costs, keeping your staff satisfied at work creates a healthier, happier workplace environment. As an added bonus, if you build a reputation for being a great place to work, you’ll have an even easier time when it comes to hiring new staff. 

A few simple changes in the way you work, and your management style, can make all the difference. Here are six tips you can use to better manage and engage with your salon staff.


Create opportunities for personal development

Help your staff grow and boost their confidence with career development initiatives. Use your skills and knowledge to train new and inexperienced staff; send them on technical courses to improve their expertise, but also training courses such as first aid or fire marshalling. Encourage them to keep their skills up to date, and promote your team members to show you are invested in their future. Let your most trusted staff members mentor your newest recruits; it will help them develop their leadership skills, and it will free up your time to focus on other tasks.

Put your staff in the spotlight

Shine a spotlight on your team through social media and marketing emails to show you value them, raise their profile and fill your calendar. Use your email newsletter to celebrate your new team members and introduce them to your clients, with a short bio highlighting their specialties. Share before and after photos of your services on social media and tag the staff member who did the work, giving them the credit and inviting clients to book with them. You can even include discount codes that clients can use to book with the featured staff members. 

Practice good communication 

Keeping your team involved in your business also helps to keep them happy. Avoid making staff feel excluded – being open and sharing news, good and bad, helps to strengthen team spirit and create bonds. It also gives your team the opportunity to contribute by coming up with ideas and solutions to the challenges your business faces. Your staff want to be heard, so acknowledge their input, involve them in any changes to the businesses, and listen without judgement if they come to you with concerns about their job. Gather your team for an all-hands meeting at the end of each month to set goals, celebrate milestones, and keep everyone on the same page.


Be clear about your expectations 

Being clear about your expectations of staff in the workplace will help them to effectively meet those expectations and support you. Set clear goals like client retention rates, average service time, and retail sales. Be sure to give plenty of positive reinforcement when those objectives are met. To keep your team aligned, start each day or week with a team huddle to discuss what’s happening that day, what needs to be done and any other important topics. With Fresha, you can use the reporting feature to pull data to inform your catch ups, such as most booked staff members, busiest hours and preferred treatments. Your staff will love knowing more about how their work is contributing to the business' overall success.

Offer incentives and rewards 

Research by Think Smart found that 79% of employees reach their goals when offered the correct reward or incentive, and that it’s also a quick way to boost employee satisfaction and retention. Whether it’s commission for product sales, a holiday bonus, or even a team lunch or party, your staff will be more likely to work hard and stay loyal if they know their achievements are recognised and rewarded. 

Equip staff with the right tools for the job

Your salon employees need high quality equipment to do their best work. Replace outdated equipment as soon as possible – newer equipment can make the job easier and safer for your staff, letting them provide even better service. Ergonomic tools like lightweight hairdryers and shears with a natural grip will help prevent strained hands and wrists. 

The same goes for your online booking platform. Use a system that’s easy for your staff to learn and navigate. Switch on notifications for your team so they know when appointments are made or edited; along with alerts whenever they receive reviews and tips, so they can clearly see how clients show their appreciation and feel rewarded.

Create a happier workplace with Fresha

Make your salon or spa a great place to work, and you’ll have no trouble keeping your star staff members on board. In turn, your staff will be able to give top-quality service that keeps your clients coming back for more. 

With Fresha automating your day-to-day tasks, you’ll free up valuable time and resources to spend engaging with your staff – all while helping them to do their job even better with Fresha’s smooth calendar management, automatic team notifications, and more. Sign up today for free.   

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