8 ways to take salon client care to the next level

Clients are the heart and soul of a beauty and wellness business. Whether you're a salon owner or a stylist, exceptional client care is crucial to the success of your salon. Not only does it help you build a loyal customer base, it also drives positive word-of-mouth referrals, which are invaluable to growing your business. Creating a welcoming environment, tailoring each service to the individual client's needs, and making sure they leave feeling relaxed and happy are key.

We cover eight tips to help take your client care to the next level, from how to communicate effectively to timeliness, personalisation and much more.


Communicate effectively

Effective communication can provide a positive experience for clients as it makes them feel heard and understood. Make sure to explain each step of the service and address any questions or concerns they may have.

Active listening can go a long way: give clients your full attention and avoid distractions. Listening carefully to client concerns, making eye contact, nodding to show that you are engaged, and asking questions to clarify any points. Repeat back what they have said to ensure that you have understood correctly, and provide a clear explanation of the services being offered. This will also help you ensure that the expectations are aligned from the start and that your clients leave your salon happy and feeling cared for.

Don't forget that communicating effectively goes beyond verbal communication: body language also plays a part. Use open body language, make sure to maintain eye contact to convey interest and engagement, and smile to offer a sense of warmth and friendliness.

Where possible, personalise the experience

Personalise the client experience by tailoring your services and interactions to meet individual needs and preferences, from the products you use to the music you play. To help you do so, take the time to get to know your clients, understanding their preferences, concerns, and any special requirements they may have.

From customised add-on services based on the client's preferences, such as a scalp massage or a customised hair treatment, to following up with personalised messages including aftercare tips or a reminder of their next appointment, you can add personalisation to different moments of the client experience. Customising your approach can help strengthen your relationship with clients and make them feel appreciated.

Your business software can be a great partner in personalising the client experience as it helps you store and visualise client data, such as their favourite services, products, and scheduling preferences.

Pay attention to detail

Clients expect a high level of attention to detail when it comes to their appearance, and it is up to salon staff to provide a meticulous service that meets those expectations. This can mean taking the time to ensure that haircuts are perfectly even, hair colour is evenly applied, and gel polish is executed flawlessly, for example. It can also mean paying attention and noting the little things, such as their favourite nail polish colour or drink preference. Using that knowledge on their next appointment can help make your clients feel valued and cared for.


Timeliness is key

Time is extremely valuable, and clients expect their salon experience to be efficient and timely. Make sure that appointments start and end on time, and clients are not kept waiting unnecessarily — an online booking software can help you. Provide clients with realistic time estimates for their services. This can help to manage their expectations and ensure that they aren't left feeling rushed or dissatisfied with their salon experience.

Follow up

Follow-up is a crucial aspect of client care that is often overlooked. By following up with clients after their visit, you can ensure that they are satisfied with their services and address any concerns or issues they may have.

This can take many forms, from sending a personalised email or text message to conducting a follow-up phone call or survey. Showing that you care about their experience and are committed to addressing their needs helps you build trust and loyalty.

A follow-up is also an excellent opportunity to ask them to leave a review — they are a great way to boost your credibility online and help you get more clients.

Keep it professional

By projecting a professional image, you can ensure that clients feel comfortable and confident in your services. Make sure to dress appropriately and be mindful of your language and behaviour. Clients also expect staff to be knowledgeable, skilled, and up-to-date on the latest trends and techniques in the industry — doing so can help boost their trust in your services.

Maintaining a clean and organised salon is also essential for providing a positive client experience. Make sure that salon equipment is clean and well-maintained, sanitise your workspace regularly, and keep your equipment and supplies organised. This will help make the salon environment more comfortable and inviting.

Finally, treat clients with respect and courtesy, and check in with them during services to make sure they are comfortable and satisfied. This will help you make any necessary adjustments to ensure that they feel satisfied.

Use quality products, equipment and software

Using high-quality products, equipment and software can help you provide better results and experiences for your clients. Make sure to invest in quality tools and products that will provide the best possible outcomes for your clients, and choose a software provider that allows them to find and book your services with ease. 

Upsell, where suitable

When done properly, upselling can help clients achieve their desired results and add value to their in-salon experience. Treatments and products that complement the service originally booked can help enhance the results of a treatment, in turn making them feel more pampered and taken care of. Upselling can also open a door to educating clients about the benefits of the services or products offered, helping them make more informed decisions about their future bookings and purchases.

Approach upselling with care, prioritising clients' needs and desires to enhance their experience. Be transparent about the costs and benefits of the services or products you're offering, and never pressure them into making a purchase.

Upselling can also help increase revenue, which can be reinvested into your salon infrastructure and help you provide an even better client experience.

Client care checklist

We've prepared a checklist to guide your client care efforts so you can easily create a welcoming and personalised experience for every client that walks through your door.

  • Greet clients warmly and make them feel welcome from the moment they walk in the door.
  • Ensure that the salon is clean, tidy, and well-maintained.
  • Listen actively to clients' needs and preferences, and make sure to tailor your services and interactions accordingly.
  • Use clients' names during interactions to create a personalised experience.
  • Manage your schedule effectively to minimise wait times and ensure that clients are seen at their scheduled appointment time.
  • Pay attention to details like cleanliness, lighting, temperature, and music to create a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere.
  • Follow up with clients after the service to make sure they are satisfied and address any concerns they may have.
  • Maintain a professional demeanour at all times, from your appearance and attire to your language and behaviour.
  • Offer additional services or products to enhance the client's experience and increase revenue for the salon.

Elevating your client care is crucial to building a loyal customer base. The trick lies in effective communication, personalisation, attention to detail, timely service, consistent follow-up, professionalism and the use of quality products/equipment/software. Follow these eight tips and make your clients feel welcome, appreciated and valued while delivering exceptional services. And with Fresha's salon management software, you can simplify business operations and take your client care to the next level. Sign up for free today. 

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