How reporting can help you manage your salon business

Want to successfully grow your beauty and wellness business? Then you need a clear picture of how your business is performing. That’s where reporting tools come in. Business reports come in all shapes and sizes: from sales reports that show you which services are best-sellers, to marketing reports that show you how your marketing campaigns perform and how you can improve them. 

Let’s unpack the top six ways you can use reporting tools to see exactly how your business is performing, and what you need to do to grow your salon or spa. 


Sales tracking

One of the key benefits of salon reporting is that it allows you to track your sales data. By generating reports on your salon's sales, you can gain valuable insights into your business performance. You can identify which services are most popular among your customers, which of your team members are generating the most revenue, and what days or times are busiest.

This information can help you make important decisions about your staffing, scheduling, resources and pricing. If, for example, you find that certain services are consistently more popular than others, you could offer promotions or discounts to encourage more customers to try them out. Or, if you notice that one of your team members brings in significantly more revenue than the rest, you could adjust their commission structure to encourage and incentivise your other team members.

Inventory management

Effective inventory management can make all the difference in keeping up with consumer demand while increasing profits for your business. Through regular analysis of product sales and supply levels, businesses can prevent loss from overstocking unsold items or low-supply situations leading to spending penalties associated with rush orders from suppliers. With access to data on product sales and customer behaviour, you can determine which items need discounts, freeing up space for in-demand products. By using the data to optimise your inventory levels, you can avoid potential losses and reduce waste – win-win!


Staff Performance

One way salons can stay ahead of the competition is through active management strategies such as targeted coaching and training for their employees. This forward-thinking approach helps develop more capable employees who are better equipped at handling sensitive situations with ease – ensuring that clients walk away utterly satisfied every time. 

For example, if you notice that one of your team members consistently receives lower customer satisfaction ratings than the others, you can work with them to identify areas for improvement and provide additional training as needed. By addressing these issues proactively, you can ensure that your team is delivering the highest quality service possible while also making sure that all of your team members have access to the relevant training and support.

Financial performance

Measuring the financial health of your salon is an imperative aspect to steer growth, increase profitability and ensure overall success. Keep track of detailed revenue, expenses and profit margin records that can help you assess cost-saving measures in reducing expenses or renegotiating better pricing with suppliers. Do a cost-benefit analysis before investing in new services, staff, or equipment. Analyzing financial reports can help determine if proposed investments will positively impact the business. 

Customer retention

Gaining valuable insights about your clientele can be made possible with the help of reporting tools. These reports allow you to track customer data such as demographics, purchase history, and feedback. With this information at hand, you'll identify the services, team members, and products that receive the most traffic from clients.. This knowledge enables you to tailor your marketing efforts towards your target audience resulting in higher customer loyalty rates and satisfaction levels. Positive reviews from satisfied clients word-of-mouth marketing aid in gaining new customers, strengthening your revenue.

Marketing performance

Salon businesses rely on effective marketing tactics to grow their client bases. However, measuring the impact of such promotional efforts is crucial to determine their effectiveness. This is why using reporting tools that trace website traction, email campaigns, and social media engagement can assist in obtaining relevant information about what initiatives drive traffic and revenue. You'll be able to refine your marketing strategy and ensure that you're getting the best possible return on investment in your marketing. Therefore, be sure to optimise your strategies through data analysis and reap benefits of more loyal customers.

Here's an example of a salon that uses their reports to fine-tune their marketing campaigns, with impressive results:

Ready to take the first step?

In today's rapidly evolving beauty industry, keeping up with changing trends and customer demands requires more than just creativity – it also takes strategic planning backed by actionable data insights. Fortunately, reporting tools offer a simple solution for businesses looking to fine-tune their marketing strategies for maximum impact. 

If you're looking for an all-in-one solution for tracking sales, monitoring performance and managing inventory levels, look no further than Fresha. With our advanced reporting features, tracking campaign results is a breeze – allowing you to optimise spending by focusing on those initiatives generating real returns. 

With Fresha, there are a number of different reports you can run to start measuring the success of your business:

  • Appointments - View projected revenue from upcoming appointments and track cancellation rates and reasons.
  • Clients - Gain insights into how clients interact with your business and find out who your top spenders are.
  • Finances - Monitor your overall finances including sales, refunds, taxes, and payments.
  • Inventory - Monitor product stock levels and adjustments made, analyse product sales performance, consumption costs, and more.
  • Sales - Analyse the performance of your business by comparing sales across products, staff, channels, and more.
  • Staff - View your team's performance, time off, hours worked as well as commission and tip earnings.
  • Gift cards - Track your total gift card sales and redemption activity.

Not only can you create custom filters for date, staff, channel or location but all reports are exportable in PDFs, Excel spreadsheets or CSV formats. Sign up for Fresha today, get reliable feedback instantly and make smarter decisions moving forward.

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