The common email marketing mistakes salons should avoid

While email marketing has been around for many years now, it remains one of the most powerful ways for beauty and wellness businesses to connect with customers online. However, there are certain mistakes you need to avoid if you want your campaigns to have maximum impact. 

So what are those mistakes, and how do you avoid them? In this article, we'll unpack the most common email marketing mistakes beauty and wellness businesses should avoid to maximise their marketing success; from sending irrelevant content to not optimising for mobile devices. We'll also explain how to avoid those mistakes and help you improve the effectiveness of your email campaigns, boost customer engagement, and ultimately drive more sales. 



The top email marketing mistakes to avoid

Not segmenting your email list

One critical mistake is failing to segment your email list since it can significantly impact its efficacy. If you want to keep your subscribers engaged and take action after receiving emails from you, personalisation is key. Offering relevant content that meets their needs can help build a long-lasting relationship with them. Creating one generic email message for every subscriber on your list may not be beneficial as it does not cater to any particular group's interests. To avoid low open rates and high unsubscribe rates, think about splitting your email list based on factors such as age range or buying history, so targeted messaging can be delivered. 

Not optimising for mobile

Are you missing out on potential customers because your emails appear distorted or difficult to read on mobile devices? As nearly half of all email opens now occur on smartphones and tablets, optimizing for these platforms is crucial. 

Frustrating experiences due to poor readability can lead to high unsubscribe rates, making mobile-friendly designs essential. Ensure every recipient receives an excellent experience by employing responsive email templates which adapt beautifully regardless of how they choose to view their messages. 

If you lack design skills, don't worry: numerous email marketing softwares are available in the market that offer user-friendly interfaces through which anyone can build engaging email campaigns. It's important that the fonts used in your message are big enough and distinguishable enough so that they're easy to read by various ages groups who receive them. Short but informative subject lines work best on mobile. 

Sending too many emails

While consistency is key in maintaining contact with clients via email marketing messages, sending too many of them will often turn off recipients causing an increase in unsubscribes. If you want to make sure that your emails are hitting their mark with clients, then developing a strategic approach is key. 

This means scheduling regular communication based on what works best for your audience while utilizing automation tools to drive targeted interactions. By paying proper attention to these factors while also crafting effective subject lines, you can increase engagement and improve overall results.

Neglecting your subject line

Your email subject lines are critical for getting subscribers' attention. To make these lines stand out, leverage personalisation or arouse some curiosity to stimulate their interest. When drafting the email copy itself, be mindful of character limits as most platforms have a limit on how much they display. Don't use excessive capitalization nor too many exclamation marks! These types of writing styles can raise red flags amongst spam filters which hurts users' trust.

Not providing value

The value you offer in your newsletters is also important – pack them with useful resources so that readers stay engaged rather than leave! If your email marketing isn't delivering impressive results, it may be time to rethink how you're approaching this key channel for engaging customers and prospects alike. 

Ignoring your analytics

Finally, one of the biggest email marketing mistakes you can make is ignoring your analytics. Your email marketing platform likely provides a wealth of data on how your subscribers are engaging with your emails, including open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. Once your emails are deployed, be sure to track metrics closely so that you know what tactics are working – and where tweaks may be needed over time. 


Find an email marketing platform that works for you

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