7 email marketing strategies to boost sales

In today's world of advanced digital marketing techniques, utilizing email campaigns is a proven way for salons, barbershops and spas to engage with clients while increasing revenue streams. It is an essential component of any comprehensive marketing strategy that enables businesses to communicate effectively with clients on both mobile devices and desktops. In this article, we unpack 7 ways to use email marketing to get more out of your campaigns and supercharge your sales.


  1. Segment your email list
  2. Offer exclusive promotions
  3. Use compelling subject lines
  4. Incorporate user-generated content
  5. Automate your emails
  6. Analyse your results
  7. Test and refine your campaigns

Segment your email list

Not everyone on your email list is the same, and that's why segmenting is crucial. By identifying the demographics, appointment and purchase history or interests of your subscribers, you can create personalised emails that grab their attention. A great example would be for salon owners to segment based on services previously booked; from there they can suggest similar treatments with promotions attached. This can improve your open rates, which will lead to higher click-throughs and in turn bring in more sales.


Offer exclusive promotions

Giving customers incentives such as promotional discount codes or free bonus services is an excellent way to persuade them into making bookings with your business. These one-of-a-kind deals convey the impression that those customers who take action fast are receiving more advantages than others in the general population. Implementing tracking codes and unique links allows for measurement of successful campaigns and examining what resonates with which market segments. Customised promotions create a sense of exclusivity among patrons leading to improved customer retention rates.

Use compelling subject lines

The first thing that catches your clients' attention is the subject line, so it's crucial to make it compelling. Use action-driven language and convey urgency to grab their interest. For instance, instead of using "March Newsletter" as your subject line, try "20% Off All Skincare Products Ending Soon!" This kind of subject line is more persuasive since it creates a sense of urgency and highlights a discount. Not sure where to start? Use Mailchimp's Subject Line Helper, and always test your subject line to make sure it's specific, short and engaging. 



Incorporate user-generated content

Another vital approach is utilizing user-generated content: examples like customer reviews and social media posts that reveal how valuable your product/service is - this way you drive trust among those on your contact list. If you own a yoga studio, try adding photos of classes or testimonials from clients within email campaigns, advancing the allure of what you're marketing.

Automate your emails

Tools like auto campaigns make it easy to manage targeted messages that are personalised to each subscriber. Whether it's welcoming new clients into the fold or enticing previous buyers back for repeat visits through incentives and promotions - striking a balance between authenticity and incentive-driven communication is key. Letting customers reply and interact with you directly through email is essential for building strong relationships. Don't forget to choose a recognisable 'from' address when sending out messages.

Analyse your results

To measure the effectiveness of these campaigns, use analytics software to monitor key metrics like open rates and conversions. These insights will enable you to create more effective campaigns in the future. Email marketing strategies can have varying outcomes based on multiple factors such as target demographics and design layout among others. To optimize results and find out if a strategy needs modifications, there are several assessment tools available: including focus tracking measurement, paired with simple adjustments such as enhancing subject lines or even imagery that consistently resonates stronger within targeted fields/groups respectively via A/B tests. 

Test and refine your campaigns

Crafting effective email marketing campaigns requires experimentation with subject lines, design elements, and calls to action. Through testing various combinations of these components, you can better understand what drives engagement among your audience members - enabling you to optimize future campaigns for success. Moreover, recycling impactful emails by adapting them for new segments of your distribution list helps maximize the ROI on existing content. 

Types of email marketing

  • Email newsletter: Email newsletters are a great way to get more clients to subscribe to your email list while offering regular content that can range from post-treatment care tips to wellness-related information and business news.
  • Blog newsletter: If you have a blog, a newsletter is a great way to promote your blog posts to your client base. Use your team as an expert network by having them write articles on the topics they're experts on, as well as invite other business owners to share their knowledge on topics relevant to your clientele interests. 
  • Transactional emails: Use emails to ensure clients are reminded about their appointments, can leave a review once they've visited your business, and are prompted to add their health information ahead of an appointment such as a massage or skin treatment.

Don't forget to add a call to action button to your emails so you can make the most out of this marketing channel.

Make the most of email marketing

Ready to unlock the full potential of email marketing? These proven strategies will help take your beauty or wellness business to new heights by connecting with target audiences in personalized ways that truly resonate. 

Remember to regularly analyse your results and adjust your strategy as needed to ensure that you're getting the best possible ROI. With these in place, you can have a successful email marketing strategy and take your beauty and wellness business to the next level. 

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