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by Charlotte Thornalley on Feb 22, 2022


3 hair and beauty trends for 2022 and how they can boost your business

As the world’s leading and fastest-growing free appointment scheduling software, Fresha predicts that 2022 will welcome an influx of clients returning to their pre-covid beauty rituals and grooming habits. 


by Charlotte Thornalley on Feb 8, 2022


3 ways Fresha reviews can boost your business

You’ll no doubt be aware that we’ve recently made some exciting changes to Fresha that give our partners even more free-to-use features. Removing online booking fees and improving the user experience with a new look and feel is among our latest enhancements - and we’ve included free reviews too!  


by Charlotte Thornalley on Feb 3, 2022


Share the love: 5 top tips on how to maximise Valentine’s Day marketing

As a hair, men’s grooming, beauty, or spa business, it’s hard not to love Valentine’s Day and the business opportunity it presents. Although the popularity of Valentine’s Day has declined in recent years, comparison site Finder predicts that, in the UK alone, 91% of the population will celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2022, with an estimated spend of £1.37 billion. In the USA in 2021, Valentine’s Day pumped $21.8billion into the US economy, with men and women spending an average of $231 and $101 respectively.


by Charlotte Thornalley on Feb 1, 2022


How to unleash your retail potential with the Fresha store

Despite decades of training by brands and industry mentors, countless articles in the media, and resources provided by industry organisations, retailing professional salon products to clients remains an area of significant untapped and unresolved potential. 


by Charlotte Thornalley on Jan 20, 2022


Meet the Partners: How Ursula uses blast campaigns to secure bookings

Opening Bond in 2019 after perfecting her craft in Berlin, London, and the film industry, Ursula wanted her debut salon to be a celebration of creativity, individuality, and the unique personalities of the people who walk through their doors.


by Charlotte Thornalley on Jan 17, 2022


Managing mental health in the workplace for salon and spa staff

The third Monday of January, or Blue Monday as it’s now called, has been identified as the most depressing day of the year. And as if that’s not concern enough, the usual triggers for feeling down in the dumps, such as miserable weather, dwindling bank balances, the festive fun comedown, and failed new year’s resolutions, have been intensified as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to take its toll on salon businesses and their staff. But for anyone struggling with mental health issues, it’s just another day of the year. 


by Charlotte Thornalley on Jan 6, 2022


Meet the Partners: How AMA uses Fresha to protect her business against no-shows

Ama Quashie has spent the past decade refining her craft and becoming one of the most in-demand session manicurists in the country. A firm favourite of celebrities and magazine editors alike, she continues to work with some of the biggest names in fashion, stage, and screen and has been using her fashion credentials and nail expertise to amplify and accentuate the natural nails of ordinary Londoners since 2018.


by Charlotte Thornalley on Dec 30, 2021


Fresha’s top tips for preparing your business for the New Year

Successful beauty and wellness businesses don’t become profitable overnight. Having a passion to succeed and deliver amazing experiences for your clients goes a long way, and as 2021 comes to a close, that determination needs to be underpinned by a strategy that will help you hit the ground running in 2022.


by Charlotte Thornalley on Dec 21, 2021


Meet the Partners: How Fresha helped Stuart Ross launch his salon

He only opened the doors to his eponymously named salon in July 2021, but Stuart Ross and his team of bespoke colouring professionals and stylists are quickly becoming one of the most sought-after salons in Peckham - and he couldn't have done it without Fresha.    


by Emily May on Dec 9, 2021


6 ways to delight your clients this festive season

With a whole host of festive celebrations taking place over the next few weeks, we’re all looking forward to family get-togethers, parties, and some much-needed time off. Many of us will be getting out and about to socialise after a long time apart… which means extra demand on the beauty and wellness industry.


by Charlotte Thornalley on Dec 7, 2021


Fresha’s top tips for preparing your business for the hectic holiday season

For many beauty and wellness professionals across the globe, the last few months of the calendar year can be the busiest of them all. Whether your clients like to keep it low-key with their usual self-care services or go all out to make sure their hair, beard, and everything in between is on point for those all-important party snaps, you can be the driving force behind helping them look and feel their best over the holiday season. 


by Emma Morrison on Dec 2, 2021


Some exciting updates to give you a smoother experience ⭐️

The past few weeks have been huge for Fresha! We’ve made lots of changes like removing online booking fees, launching a brand new look so Fresha is easier to use than ever before and have made client forms and reviews free! Read on to find out more.