5 ideas for salons to make the most of World Health Day

Celebrated on April 7th each year, World Health Day is a yearly campaign run by the World Health Organisation to promote healthy living and raise awareness of global health issues. Each year the campaign is based on a different theme, with this year’s being “Health for all”.

The date is the perfect time to remind your clients that treating themselves is an important part of self-care, and that they’re due for a health and wellbeing top-up at your salon or spa.  We explore five ideas you can use this World Health Day to showcase your services, promote health and wellness to your clients, and contribute to an important global cause. 


Bundle your services into wellness packages

Combine your services that highlight wellness into packages themed around World Health Day, and take the opportunity to promote them to your clients. Examples include:

  • A mind-body balance package that helps clients feel reinvigorated and relaxed, including yoga sessions and scalp massages.
  • A skincare detox package that leaves clients with healthy, renewed skin, such as deep exfoliation and hydration treatments.
  • A holistic wellness package to improve overall health and wellbeing, with services like aromatherapy and acupuncture.

Run a World Health Day promotion 

Take the opportunity to offer a time-based discount on any wellness treatments and packages you have, such as massages, facials, or hair treatments. Make your discount limited-time only to encourage clients to book and treat themselves to some self-care while the deal lasts. If you sell products, run a discount on your natural, eco-friendly products that are great for your clients’ health and wellness.

Once you’ve chosen which services and products to discount, create a World Health Day discount code and use your online booking platform to send it straight to your clients via blast campaigns.

You’ve got added space in your email campaigns, so add rich content that matches your brand and explains the benefit of your services; and use your text message campaigns to instantly share your discount code with clients.



Launch a social media campaign

Share educational content on your social media pages related to the services that you offer. For example, if you run a hair salon, you could share top tips for hair care as the weather changes, or the best natural products to use for a healthy scalp.

You could also drive even more engagement with your audience by running a competition – get followers to post selfies of themselves doing healthy activities, and award the most inspiring follower with a discount on one of your services. Whichever tactic you use, make sure to include hashtags related to World Health Day to reach an even wider audience.

When you launch your campaign, make sure that you’ve got a “Book Now” button enabled on your social media platforms, especially Facebook and Instagram, so any followers who see your content can book an appointment with a single click.

Showcase your business with a wellness event

Host a wellness-focused event like a yoga session, a meditation class, or a skincare workshop, and invite your clients to take part. You can even team up with other local health and wellness specialists, like a physical therapist or a nutritionist, to make your event more valuable for clients and build your reputation as a trusted wellness expert.

Use social media, email, and text messages to reach your clients and invite them to the event, along with in-store marketing materials like posters or flyers. If you collaborate with another business, be sure to mention them in your promotions and ask them to do the same, so you can reach an even bigger audience.

Participate in a community event

This year’s World Health Day theme is “Health for all”, so consider taking part in a charity or volunteering event that engages with your local community. You and your team could volunteer for a day at a local hospital or health fair; or you could partner up with a homeless shelter or senior centre to offer free haircuts to people in need.

When you spread the word about any work you do in the community, be sure to keep it focused on the cause, avoid too much self-promotion, and invite others to participate.




Ready to make the most of World Health Day?

Promoting health and wellness isn’t just good for your clients – it’s also good for your business. Use this opportunity to make a positive impact and grow your business at the same time.

Fresha makes it easy to take your promotions straight to your clients with discount codes, “Book Now” buttons on your social media, email and text message campaigns, and more. Sign up for free now and use our tools to get ready for World Health Day.

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