4 simple salon client retention strategies

Having a rock-solid client retention strategy is key to sustaining a reliable stream of revenue and growing your business. Loyal clients spend 67% more than new ones, so it’s important you cultivate your relationships and create a client lifecycle that doesn’t end once a treatment or sale is over. Getting it right means building a strong emotional connection between your clients and your business – you want them to feel good every time they think about an experience at your salon. That’s how you’ll stand out from your competition and keep clients coming back for more.

Retention strategies to keep clients coming back for more 

Let’s dive into four retention strategies and best practices you can use to retain your loyal clients, and turn clients into regulars. 

  1. Use every interaction to connect with your clients
  2. Build client profiles and personalise their experience
  3. Ask your clients for feedback
  4. Keep in touch with clients

1. Use every interaction to connect with your clients

Every interaction with your clients is an opportunity to deepen their relationship with you and your brand – whether it’s through advertising, social media campaigns, phone calls or conversations in-store. It’s especially important when you’re interacting with clients in person. Here are a few simple things you can do to to make sure your clients enjoy their experience:

  • Be friendly. Use language that reflects your brand and makes clients feel welcome. Take the time to learn your clients’ names so you can greet them and add a personal touch to their experience.
  • Stay professional. Keep your space tidy and your equipment clean. Even if you’re a little more relaxed around your regulars, remember to treat them with the same care that you would treat new clients. 
  • Make clients feel valued. Check that they’re comfortable, and don’t let distractions like ringing phones interrupt their treatments. Pro tip: if you’re taking online bookings, you won’t need to worry about every client calling to make an appointment. 

2. Build client profiles and personalise their experience 

Use your online booking platform to keep notes that can help you strengthen your client relationships. Knowing their beauty and wellness goals and treatment history can help you recommend the perfect service for them, share aftercare advice, and encourage future bookings. 

With the right online booking platform, you can even have your clients fill out consultation forms when they book. Ask for clients’ contact details in case you need to reach them before their appointments, along with treatment preferences and health concerns like allergies, so you can prepare a personalised experience ahead of time.

If clients give you permission to store personal details, use them to make conversation. Asking about their partners or children, occupation, and hobbies can help you build trust and loyalty. Keep track of client birthdays too, so you can surprise and delight them with birthday discount codes. They’ll feel appreciated, and may even take the opportunity to book with you.

3. Ask your clients for feedback

Reach out to your clients to ask for feedback regularly. Not only does asking for feedback help you improve your services, it shows that you care what clients think and how your service impacts their life. Plus: reviews are vital for boosting your online credibility. Use your online booking platform to send messages after appointments thanking clients and asking for an online review. 

Clients are proven to be more receptive to cross-selling right after a great in-store experience, so take the opportunity to introduce incentives, offers and promotions. 


4. Keep in touch with clients 

Make sure your client retention strategy includes regular communication across a variety of channels. Staying in touch with your clients helps keep your salon or spa fresh in their minds and planning their next visit. It’s also a great way to get clients talking about your services, and word of mouth is one of the best ways to market your business. 88% of people trust their friends’ recommendations more than traditional advertisements. 

Here are three of the best ways you can keep in touch with clients:

  • Send email newsletters and share trend highlights, aftercare tips, or inspirational quotes. You can also keep clients in the loop by revealing new treatments, welcoming new staff members, or announcing a new location.
  • Post content regularly on your social media to keep your followers engaged and grow your audience. Your content strategy can include anything from style tutorial videos and client testimonials, to competitions and ‘before and after’ photos.
  • Use text messages to instantly reach clients – especially when you’re running promotions like seasonal discounts or limited-time deals. Follow up with both emails and social media posts to reach as many people as you can. 

Ask clients how they want you to keep in touch. Some clients would rather get emails they can check in their own time, while others might prefer you to send text messages so they’re instantly aware of any appointment updates or special offers. Use this information to segment your audience and get higher open rates with your blast campaigns


Make client retention a top priority 

Use these client retention strategies and best practices to make sure your client’s journey doesn’t end at the checkout. Take a genuine interest in how you’re improving your clients’ lives, and regularly ask yourself: are you doing everything you can to give clients the best possible experience?

With an online booking platform like Fresha, improving your client retention is easy. Our features make it simple for you to build client profiles, collect online reviews, and reach your audience anywhere, anytime. Sign up for free now and get started. 

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