Female founder spotlight: Kerry Hutson, owner of Skiin Laser Clinic

Next up in our series featuring female founders for International Women’s Day is Kerry Hutson, owner of the fast-growing Skiin Laser Clinic.

Kerry prides herself on being a certified expert in laser treatments, and her business is built on that knowledge. Read on to find out how she uses Fresha to cultivate her clinic’s great reputation and free up her time, plus the single most important thing any business can do to build a loyal client base. 

Tell us about your journey as the owner of Skiin Laser Clinic.  

I started the business by myself in 2016, with the goal of building the best laser hair removal clinic in Peterborough. Word spread quickly, and I got so many clients that I had to move into a bigger space. My husband even joined as our tattoo removal specialist, due to a huge demand for this service.

It’s rewarding to see the positive impact our work has on people’s lives. Our treatments help clients go from self-conscious to happy, confident, and comfortable being themselves.

How do you make sure your business stands out? 

“We go above and beyond to make clients feel safe and comfortable.”

Quality and efficiency are two of our biggest strengths. We use our skills and technology to help clients achieve the best results in as few treatments as possible.

We also focus on giving every client world-class customer service. Hair and tattoo removal can be quite personal, so we go above and beyond to make clients feel safe and comfortable in our clinic. 

What do clients love most about Skiin Laser Clinic?

Clients know they’re in good hands with us. They trust that we’ll give them high-quality results every time. Plus, our services are fast without compromising quality, so clients can get treated without taking much time out of their day. 

What’s the secret to your success?

Specialising deeply in just one field. By focusing exclusively on laser treatments, we keep our skills sharp, maintain a high level of service quality, and make sure our technology and techniques are cutting-edge. It also proves to clients that we’re dedicated, and helps us build our reputation as the very best at what we do. 


What’s your biggest challenge as a business owner? 

The best aestheticians understand the science and technology behind what they do. So we have to put a lot of effort into studying the latest laser research and upgrading our equipment. We also work hard to keep our business compliant, with up-to-date certifications from the British Medical Laser Association. But it’s worth it, since it all feeds into our reputation for consistency and expertise. 

What led you to start using Fresha?

"I needed a booking system, and Fresha stood out as the most powerful, accessible option."

At first I used a paper diary to manage the clinic. Every time someone changed or cancelled an appointment, I’d have to erase their details and record them all over again. Sometimes I wouldn’t be able to move the appointment simply because I didn’t have my diary on me. 

I needed a booking system, and Fresha stood out as the most powerful, accessible option. Now my clients can book their own appointments and reschedule however they please. I have more time to do my job, and I don’t stress about having to do admin when I get home. 

How easy was it to get started with Fresha?

Fresha is so simple and intuitive, it took hardly any time to set it up and learn how to use it – which is really important, because it’s such a big part of my business. It’s not just me: my new staff members learn how to use it in no time, and clients love being able to book and control their own appointments. 

How has Fresha helped you grow your business?

So many new clients discover me through Fresha’s online marketplace. Our profile pops up when people are searching for laser treatments, and they can see from our thousands of reviews that we’ve got a great reputation, so they book with us. And our reputation keeps growing, because Fresha’s automatic “Thank you” messages ask clients to leave a review after their treatment.


What’s your all-time favourite Fresha feature?

The automatic appointment reminders are such a time saver. Before Fresha, I had to manually send text messages and emails to everyone from my phone every night. Now I just keep the reminders switched on. Clients love it too because sometimes life gets busy, but the reminders keep their appointments fresh in their mind.

The cancellation policies are great too. We offer high-value services and a single appointment is worth quite a lot, so cancellations and no-shows are costly for us – but with Fresha’s cancellation policy, we hardly get them anymore. 

One word of advice business owners need to hear? 

It can be good to offer a variety of services, but don’t spread yourself too thin. Focus on being the very best at one type of service or treatment; you’ll quickly build a loyal client base who trust your consistent quality, and they’ll spread the word to family and friends. 

It’s also much easier to build a reputation and win new clients through an online marketplace like Fresha’s, so make sure you’ve got a great online profile with plenty of reviews.

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