How to make the most of the spring rush

Winter can be slow for salons and spas – which is why spring is one of the most important seasons for your business. With people eager to reinvent themselves with new styles, get spruced up for events, and treat themselves to some much needed self-care, spring has the potential to be one of your busiest, most successful seasons. To make the most of it, you need to prepare your business ahead of time.


7 ways to make spring a success

Here are Fresha’s seven top tips to help you win more clients and grow your salon or spa this spring.

  1. Stay on top of spring trends
  2. Take the opportunity to reach new clients
  3. Get your seasonal discounts ready
  4. Promote your event packages
  5. Decorate your salon or spa for spring
  6. Prepare your team for the spring rush
  7. Optimise your booking process

Stay on top of spring trends

When spring arrives, so will a whole host of new beauty trends and styles. Take note of the styles that debuted at trend-setting fashion shows, like Spring / Summer 2023 fashion week; or even the latest looks that are popular with celebrities. Then include these styles in your promotions and packages, so clients know they can come to you for the most fashionable, in-demand beauty and wellness treatments. 

As a trusted expert, your clients rely on you for treatment advice, so use your knowledge of the latest trends to guide them and recommend new styles that suit them best. 

Take the opportunity to reach new clients

With people looking to refresh their looks and treat themselves, spring is the perfect time to attract new clients looking to try out new salons and spas. Make sure your business is easy to find online, with both an up-to-date website and online marketplace profile that clearly display your services and positive reviews.  

Use digital and physical channels to make sure your spring promotions reach as many people as possible. Post engaging, relatable content on your social media platforms that your followers will want to reshare, and give your clients spring-themed flyers so they can share your special offers with friends and family.

Get your seasonal discounts ready

Your clients will be on the lookout for salon and spa spring sales, so use every discount tool your online booking platform provides to secure as many bookings as possible. Create discount codes and share them with your clients on social media, as well as via email and text message campaigns. Run flash sales that display your discounted prices to get clients planning their next visit. Be sure to make it clear your discounts are limited-time offers to drive urgency.

Promote your event packages

With its pleasant weather and scenic views, spring is packed full of events and celebrations. Create and promote event packages that appeal to clients who need to prepare for these special occasions. For example:

  • Bridal beauty packages for brides looking for an expert to help them create the perfect look for their wedding day. Include hair and makeup trials, along with styling services for brides and their bridal parties on the day.
  • Prom and graduation treatment packages for students who want to express themselves and make great memories on their big day. Offer students custom styling and makeup to fit the theme of the event they’re attending.
  • Spring vacation packages for clients who want to look and feel their best on holiday. Bundle up services like waxing, pedicures, and skin care treatments that will leave clients feeling confident and ready to enjoy their vacation to the fullest.

Decorate your salon or spa for spring 

You’re more likely to win attention from potential clients who walk by your storefront if your space is eye-catching and inviting. Depending on your budget and how long ago you redecorated, you could give your salon a full spring makeover with a fresh coat of paint and new furniture, or simply give your interior a quick refresh with vibrant plants, spring-themed artwork and cosy lighting. You’ll find plenty of interior design inspiration online. 

If you sell products at your salon or spa, include them in your decoration plans, especially if their packaging matches your colour scheme. Encourage clients to shop (and make your interior pop) by showcasing your best-selling items on shelves and countertops. 

Prepare your team for the spring rush 

The spring rush is a great opportunity to fill your calendar – but you need to make sure your team is equipped to provide top-notch service, so you can retain any new clients you win. 

Train your staff to handle an increase in workload while maintaining service quality, prepare them to offer clients trending treatments, and teach them how to spot opportunities to upsell services.

You’ll also need to make sure your staff rotas are running like clockwork to avoid any scheduling conflicts, and get the most value out of your team’s time. Set up a recurring rota on your online booking platform, so you don’t need to manually assign working hours every week.

Optimise your booking process

Before the spring rush arrives, make sure you’re taking bookings online to minimise your time spent arranging appointments over the phone. Display your opening hours online so clients can plan their visits, and enable clients to make, reschedule or cancel appointments themselves.

Use your online booking platform to get the most value out of your time and fill any empty appointment slots. Set up automatic off-peak pricing that switches on during quieter times, and last-minute offers that let clients book on short notice at a discounted price. Plus, make sure you’ve got policies in place that protect your business from cancellations and no-shows

Ready for the spring rush?

Spring will be here in no time, so start preparing your promotions, packages and team now to make the season a success for your salon or spa.

If you’ve signed up to Fresha, log in and use our tools to get ready. And if you aren’t signed up to Fresha yet, don’t worry – getting started is so quick and easy, you’ll have your business ready for spring in no time. Sign up for free now.

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