How to get more Google reviews for your salon in 2023


  1. Why are online reviews essential for salon owners?
  2. 10 ways to get more Google reviews for your salon
  3. Take reviews through your booking app for the best results

Collecting Google reviews for your business is one of the easiest, most effective ways to build your online presence. The more high quality reviews and testimonials you have, the higher Google’s local search ranking algorithm will place you in Google search results when potential customers are looking for treatments. 

Not only do positive reviews prove your salon’s legitimacy, they also provide unbiased feedback on your services. If you’re not paying attention to your online reviews, you’re missing out on harnessing the power of a positive reputation and boosting your revenue (by 18% or more).

Alongside reviews on your online booking platform and online marketplace, Google reviews are a great way to start building your reputation. 

Read our in-depth guide to score more Google reviews than you thought possible, and find out why you’ll never overlook the power of reviews again.


Why are online reviews essential for salon owners?

Finding the perfect salon can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Potential customers want to trust they’re in good hands way before they walk through your salon door, and positive reviews give them the assurance they’re looking for. In the same vein, bad or fake reviews could put people off booking with you, so it’s important that you create great customer experiences and win as many good reviews as possible.

There’s more: personal recommendations and star ratings help increase your leads, online traffic, search rank, and trust.


Reviews can boost your Google ranking

Google uses an algorithm to provide its users with the best information out there. And Google reviews feed into the algorithm and tell the platform that you’re an expert at what you do, essentially saying “hey, this business knows what it's doing.” More star ratings and customer experiences shared on Google about your salon means Google can easily evaluate your success with the information provided. 

It’s as simple as this: the more information provided to Google, the easier it is for Google to boost highly rated businesses to the top of the search rankings so that more users can find you. 

The first page of any search result gets the most clicks, so Google reserves those spots for the best of the best. And getting great reviews online is your best way of winning those top search rankings..

Reviews build trust

No matter how well your marketing campaigns do, people will always be sceptical about trying out a new salon. One botched dye job can be burnt on someone's memory (and hairline) for a lifetime, so you’ve got to make sure you have authentic, positive feedback out there that’s come directly from happy customers.

Online reviews are as strong as word-of-mouth referrals in the digital age. Those that share their first-hand experiences online are looking to be honest. This means potential customers can trust what they say.

Reviews can help increase revenue 

Businesses with lots of positive online reviews can see an increase in website traffic. And if those visitors like what they see, they’ll make a booking through your online booking platform. As your Google business listing is populated with genuine feedback and star ratings, your ranking on the platform will be higher and you’ll show up in more searches. 

Sounds too good to be true, right? The only thing you need to do now is be proactive in collecting online reviews.


10 ways to get more Google reviews for your salon

If you’re sold on the above benefits of Google reviews, then you’re going to want to figure out the best way to request reviews for your salon. 

From asking your valued customer when they’re paying for their treatment or sending a text message two days later, it’s about figuring out what works best for your clientele - without coming on too strong. 

Here are Fresha’s most effective ways to ask for Google reviews.

1. Set up an effective Google My Business profile

This one might seem obvious but if you’re a new business, the first place to start is setting up your Google My Business account. This is easy to do and without a Google My Business Profile, you won’t be able to request reviews!

On your Google My Business account, you can: 

  • Request and reply to reviews
  • Display your business information
  • Post photos and interact with customers 
  • Monitor web traffic to your business page 
  • List your opening hours

Usually, your business will show up on Google if you have a website or a Fresha profile so you’ll need to verify your business account. 

Get started by visiting the Google My Business page to find everything you need to register. Once you have an account, find your business on Google Maps. Click on it, then scroll to the bottom of the details blurb and select ‘Own this business?’ This is where you’ll verify your business and link it to your account. 

Remember: your Google Business Profile is one of your most important digital storefronts. So make it pop. Use high-quality images, up-to-date information and make it easy to read with easy-to-locate services. Google promotes businesses that are active on their Google profiles, so populating your profile (with more than just reviews) will also improve your search ranking. 

(The same rules apply to your Fresha marketplace profile. The better you make it, the more likely you are to win new clients browsing for treatments.)

2. Create your Google My Business review link

Customers are much more likely to leave reviews if you make it easy for them. Create a review link through Google My Business and share it on your marketing channels. You can also create a QR code for your physical storefront.

3. Ask directly for customer feedback

The quickest way to get reviews from customers? Ask. It’s simple, but effective. Here are a few ways to do it:

  • Direct them to your review link when they're paying for their appointment
  • Use POS terminals with built-in review software
  • Get customers to scan a QR code linking directly to your Google profile

Timing is key. With their experience fresh in their minds, the reviews will be more accurate and the customer will be more likely to do it.

4. Send follow-up text messages 

Nothing shows your appreciation like a ‘thank you’ text message to your customers after appointments – and it's a great way to ask for a review. Using text messages to interact with your customers means you have a direct route to collect feedback. Plus, you can also use them to remind customers to book again. Double win. 


5. Send “thank you” emails

Like with text messages, ‘thank you’ emails are a great way to let customers know you appreciate them and keep your relationship strong, while also asking for a review. Plus: you can include an offer in your message as an added bonus to naturally encourage customers to book again and leave a personal recommendation. 

If you’re using Fresha, sharing an offer is as simple as generating a discount code and pasting it into your email.

6. Ask for a review on your salon receipts

You cover all your bases by leaving a review request at the bottom of your receipts, along with a QR code linking to your Google reviews. Whether you use digital or paper receipts, just make sure your review request is eye-catching with clear, easy instructions. 

7. Link to your Google reviews from your social media accounts

Social media is the perfect place to showcase your team and salon services with before and after photos, while building your brand identity and engaging with customers. Instagram and Facebook, for example, can entice potential customers to book in with you through Fresha — you can even add a 'Book Now' button directly onto your profile.

Make sure your Google review link is displayed clearly in your bio. This makes it so much easier for current customers to leave you some positive feedback —  and you can show potential new customers that you’re trusted and experienced.

8. Showcase your reviews on your website

You can get even more mileage out of your website by displaying positive customer testimonials. Potential customers want to be convinced to book with you, and displaying positive social proof on your website is a great way to get them over the line.

Install a review widget or embed your positive Google reviews on your website’s homepage. It’s authentic marketing that makes a big impact. 

9. Include a CTA in your newsletter 

Regular email newsletters are a great way to keep up engagement with your customers and secure your place as their go-to salon. Your email subscribers are one of your most valuable audiences – they’ve gone out of their way to hear from you.  

Close out each of your newsletters with a review invitation in your email signature as a clear call-to-action, and include a link so you can track how many subscribers take action. It’s also a good place to link to your profile on your online booking platform of choice – which you should promote wherever you know you’ll be engaging with clients.

10. Use surveys in your marketing materials 

Customer feedback in any form is an important part of connecting with your customers and making improvements that address their concerns. 

Sending out surveys to your customer email lists, or inviting customers to complete surveys on your receipts, is a great way to gain valuable knowledge of their opinions and to identify areas of improvement. Make sure to close off your survey with a Google review link, since customers are already reflecting on their experience at your salon and may feel more inclined to take the time to leave a review as well.


Take reviews through your booking app for the best results

One of the easiest ways to collect reviews is to ask for them directly. You’ve gone above and beyond to make your customers look and feel their best, and they no doubt appreciate that. Especially your regulars, who’ll be more than happy to help you out with a review. 

It’s also a great time to explain why reviews are important to your customers and how they can help your business grow. If you’re hidden behind other businesses who are prioritising their online presence, you’ll miss out on valuable opportunities to win web traffic and potential new customers. Get comfortable asking for reviews, and you’ll boost your online reputation in no time. 

Google is just the tip of the iceberg. You’ll get even more valuable reviews if you start taking them on an online booking platform like Fresha, where they’ll be seen by millions of people searching for treatments on our online marketplace every day. 

Signing up is free, and setup is easy – you’ll be swimming in reviews in no time. 

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