Despite decades of training by brands and industry mentors, countless articles in the media, and resources provided by industry organisations, retailing professional salon products to clients remains an area of significant untapped and unresolved potential. 


Some countries are better than others, but, on average, the percentage of income generated from selling products direct to clients remains staggeringly low. In the more sales-orientated USA, retail may account for as much as 30%-70% of turnover, whilst in the UK it’s typically as low as 3%-10%. Put simply, hair, beauty, and wellness businesses focus on providing a professional service, but are reluctant to sell the very products they have used to make their clients look and feel their best. The reality is that most hairdressers, beauticians, and therapists feel uncomfortable ‘selling’. 

When it comes to online sales, it’s a similar picture. The salon industry is behind the curve compared to other retail sectors, with many businesses still without a website, let alone an online store. During the COVID-19 pandemic, which saw salon businesses close indefinitely, those that offered clients a way of buying products online, were able to generate some much-needed income. Those that didn’t, and still don’t, are at a competitive disadvantage.


The Fresha Store is the perfect entry-level tool for any salon or spa looking to take their business online and with our simple to use set up, you can have your store up and running in minutes.

To help you unleash your retail potential online, we've outlined everything you need to know about setting up your online store with Fresha, including our top tips and tricks for securing more revenue than ever before.

Create your store in minutes

It’s natural to want to impress clients, so if you’re worried you don’t have the right technical skills to create a professional-looking online shop, we've made it the set-up process so simple and intuitive, any salon can do it.


Adding product photos is the first of a handful of steps you should be taking, and with the help of our dedicated blog on how to take beautifully shot photos of your products you'll have no trouble creating a high-end look that your customers will love. As a blank canvas for you to personalise and make your own, adding logos, a store name, description, and links to your social channels will give you a legitimate edge that so many other e-commerce sites are lacking. 

It's time to tell your clients about your store!

Once your store is set up and ready to go, it’s time to let your clients know. With store links for your social channels, and marketing emails and text messages from the Fresha platform, you can demand the attention of your client base by making sure they know you're trading online. With delivery and collection options available, you can offer clients the option to collect from location, reserve for their next appointment, or ship directly to the customer's home address or workplace.   


Home delivery is a great way of incentivising customers to make a purchase without leaving the comfort of their home, but it's important you have the capacity, packaging and materials for their safe transit and arrival. Providing a professional service and encouraging customers to leave reviews is a great way to maximise additional income from the sale of your products.

Online payments that are easy, contactless, and upfront

To ensure smooth and seamless payments for your store, Fresha payment processing is the perfect way to collect online payments, with simple, contactless transactions processed directly to your account.


If for any reason a refund needs to be processed for a purchase made on your online store, that’s easily done at the click of a button.