Your clients are the most important weapon in your arsenal when it comes to promoting your business. In fact, about 95% of customers read reviews before making a purchase online (Spiegel). Delivering credible first-hand accounts of the services they have received, reviews are quickly replacing the traditional word-of-mouth for salons and spas. 


This viral form of feedback can influence a potential client's opinion in an instant. Collecting positive reviews should be the centrepiece of any marketing strategy that aims to attract new online clients, and with the right reviews in place, you can start turning more browsers into bookers.

We’ve put together a few ideas to help you secure more positive reviews for your business and build customer trust and loyalty.


Set up your client notifications

Reviews are an essential part of promoting your business online, and without trustworthy reviews from real clients, it’s highly unlikely you’ll sway undecided consumers in your favour. The problem is a lot of salons and spas don’t make it easy for their clients to leave feedback.


With our salon and spa software, you can send fully-automated client notifications to your clients as soon as their appointment has been completed asking them to rate their experience. Plus, if they’ve been kind enough to tip, a second reminder will be sent via email and text message, just in case they didn’t get round to it the first time. Simply enable your client notifications in Fresha Plus, and you’ll be securing reviews from your most engaged clients in no time!


Get listed on Google

Facebook reviews look great on your business page, but they’re unlikely to do a lot for your sales. Google reviews, on the other hand, will actively contribute to your salon appearing higher in search rankings. And that means more bookings.

Google If you’re not appearing near the top of the first page when a potential client searches for services in your area, chances are you’re never going to meet them. Your reviews will automatically give you the upper hand against your competitors, as the more you have, the higher up in search results you'll appear. 

By claiming your Google My Business listing and generating your individual Google review link, you can start asking your clients to leave feedback on their experience. As soon as you start receiving reviews on Google (especially those four and five star ones), the search giant will rank you higher in local searches. Then when someone Googles ‘salons near me’ to find someone local, you will be near or at the top of the results page too. This isn’t the only thing that affects your ranking on Google (there are over 200 other things that determine this!), but it’s definitely a great place to start.


Offer staff incentives for ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews

Offering staff performance-based incentives is a great way of energising your workforce and securing rave reviews from your happy clients.


Try telling your staff that the person who secures the most 5-star reviews on Fresha or Google will receive extra commission or a special prize at the end of the month. Your staff will then be motivated to ask for feedback, and your clients will receive the best service possible. It’s a win-win!