Blast campaigns explained: Marketing made easy

Blast campaigns are one of our most popular marketing features at Fresha – but are you making the most of this powerful promotional tool? Here’s how blast campaigns can help make marketing and communications easy for you and your business.


What are blast campaigns?

Blast campaigns are a great way to communicate with your existing clients, giving you the ability to easily send marketing messages via email or SMS text message. 

You can customise blast campaigns to promote any message or offer, like discounts, seasonal promotions, new services, and even changes to your opening times. Essentially, anything you think is worth sharing with your clients could be a candidate.

Although Fresha offers a market-leading free booking software, blast campaigns are a paid feature. However, as well as being easy to manage via the Fresha platform, they’re more secure and cost-effective than using a third-party provider that might charge costly subscription fees - and you can send them as and when you want.

The cost of your blast campaign depends on how many messages you send, and you will only ever be charged for what you use, when you use it.


How to use blast campaigns

The two main ways of sending blast campaigns are via email or text message - and they’re both super straightforward. However, emails offer a little more flexibility, giving you space for more content as well as images compared to the limited space available in a text message - something to consider before getting your messaging out.

To create your marketing message, simply go to blast campaigns and personalise the content in your message to create your promotion. Here you’ll be able to write your own text and add any relevant discount codes and links.

If you’re sending an email blast campaign you can also add images and personalise the template to fit with your unique brand identity. 


How can I target my blast campaigns with Fresha?

Targeting your blast campaigns is easier with Fresha, as your client list is already stored securely on the platform – simply select the clients you want to receive specific blast campaigns to ensure they get the relevant messaging.

For example, if you’re a hair salon looking to run a colour promotion, you’ll be able to send this to: 

  • All clients that use your colour services - people who you know will be receptive to the offer
  • All clients that don’t use your colour services - new business you can attract 

Fresha is GDPR compliant, so you won’t need to worry about where your data is kept - it’s all streamlined to keep things simple and straightforward. 


Track the performance of your blast campaign

Once your blast campaign message has been sent you’ll want to see the impact it’s had, and understand whether they’ve delivered a return on investment, or ROI. 


To check this, simply go to Promote and Blast campaigns to see how many views and clicks it received - as well as how many bookings it has generated. You can use these reports to determine what types of marketing message works best for your business, so you can repeat successful campaigns and steer clear of any that perform less well.

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