Your salon’s name, in lights: the benefits of an online marketplace

While having a strong website and social media profiles are important for your salon’s online visibility, the most crucial ingredient is a profile on your online marketplace of choice. As a hub where potential clients can find, compare, and book services in their local area, your online marketplace profile acts as your digital storefront. It’s the best way for you to make a great first impression and bring new clients straight to your salon’s doorstep.

We unpack all the benefits you can expect from your salon marketplace profile, plus recommendations to help you choose the right marketplace for your salon.


Get seen by more clients online

Almost every new client’s journey to your salon starts on the internet. They’ll either search for services on Google, which will display results on various marketplaces; or they’ll search directly on their favourite online marketplace. You need to show up in those searches for the best chance of getting booked.

Choose the right online marketplace, and you’ll get seen by thousands of local clients searching for your services every day. Plus, listing on a marketplace helps boost your local SEO rankings. So, even clients searching on Google are more likely to find your business, especially if you’ve got a service list that’s full of popular, well-priced treatments that set your business apart. 

Bottom line: the easier you are to find online, the more new clients you’ll have knocking on your door.

Boost your brand image

Once a potential client has found you, you need to quickly build trust and convince them your salon is the perfect choice. That’s where your marketplace reviews come in. Great reviews are the first thing new clients will look for when they’re deciding if they should book with you – and your online marketplace profile lets you showcase reviews that prove your services are top-quality, with praise from your happy clients. 

Clients will also want to know what to expect when they arrive; that’s where your marketplace photos come in. Use your profile to capture potential clients’ attention with photos of your salon space and unique services, and give them a taste of what they can expect when they book. 

Not to mention: if your business appears on a well-known, trusted marketplace, half the battle is already won – you’ll build credibility just by associating your brand with one that clients already trust. So list your business on a popular online marketplace full of potential clients, capture their attention with stunning photos, then convince them to book with a long list of great reviews.

Easily run sales that get you booked

Clever pricing is one of your best tactics for winning new clients, and your marketplace profile is there to help you do it. Anyone who browses your services will instantly see how your deals and promotions affect your prices – whether it’s a seasonal flash sale that drives urgency, off-peak pricing to keep your salon busy throughout the day, or last-minute offers to quickly fill unbooked slots. 

Just note that for this combination to work, you’ll need to use an online booking platform that offers both a marketplace profile and powerful, flexible promotion tools.

Every client loves a good deal. Get the most out of yours by making sure they’re discoverable on an online salon marketplace, especially if you’re running promotions for a key moment like Black Friday or the holiday season.


Treat clients to a better booking experience

With an online marketplace profile, you’ll unlock online bookings for your salon – letting your clients book, rebook, and reschedule their own appointments, 24/7. You’ll cut down your time arranging appointments on the phone and save hours each week, all while filling your calendar even faster.

Nowadays 70% of clients prefer to book online, whether it’s from the comfort of their homes or while they’re out and about on their phones. They’ll love being able to book from anywhere, anytime. Especially if you add clear “Book Now” buttons to your profiles on Google Maps, Instagram, and Facebook – apps your clients use every day.

And if your online booking platform offers smart scheduling, clients will be automatically steered to choose time slots that best suit your schedule, ensuring you have back-to-back bookings without awkward gaps between appointments.

Get new clients at a low cost

The more new clients you can attract to your salon, the better – as long as it doesn’t break the bank. But running campaigns like Google or social media ads can get expensive, fast. List your salon on the right marketplace and you’ll unlock a cost-effective stream of new clients, without having to create or pay for ad campaigns. 

Just make sure to choose a marketplace with reasonable pricing that doesn’t eat into your hard-earned profits. For example, listing your business on the Fresha marketplace is free; we just charge a small fee for any new client that finds you through the marketplace. We never charge for repeat bookings, or bookings made through Google or social media. You’ll also get clear reports showing exactly how much business you win through the marketplace. 

Do it all on the Fresha marketplace 

With over 18 million monthly users and 20,000 appointments made every day, the Fresha marketplace is the best way to reach new clients with almost no effort. Salons tend to gain at least 26% more clients after joining the marketplace, and 4 out of 5 of those clients return for a second appointment. 

Ready to get your salon’s name in lights? List your salon on the Fresha marketplace today, get seen by thousands of local clients, and watch your calendar fill up.

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