6 salon service list tips to get you more online bookings

Millions of bookings for beauty and wellness treatments are made online every day. So, having a clear, appealing salon service list can be the difference between a potential client booking with you or a competitor. It’s not just about keeping your list neat and tidy – you need a service list that showcases what makes your business unique, excites clients and encourages sales. 

Take these six steps to revamp your service list and turn it into a tool that attracts clients, while keeping it engaging and easy to read. 


Use clear service titles and engaging descriptions

Start by making sure your service titles are as distinct and as clear as possible so clients immediately understand what each service covers. Add descriptions that bring your services to life, coupled with great photos of your services that help clients picture themselves at your salon. Avoid overly technical terms, and use accessible language that everyone can understand.  

For example: instead of ‘Basic manicure’, you could go with ‘Classic manicure’ to make the service sound more premium, and describe how clients will enjoy a relaxing hand massage along with their comprehensive nail care treatment. 

Focus your service menu on your bestsellers

When it comes to choosing what services to include on your list, go with quality over quantity. Place your best-selling services as high on the list as possible, and consider removing your less popular services to keep the list simple and clear. Too many options can make it hard for potential clients to pick a service, and they may lose interest before booking. 

If you want to add a new treatment to your service list, try offering it at a temporary discount to build excitement and test if there is demand for the service.

Group your services into categories

Use categories to organise your service list and help clients find exactly what they’re looking for when they book online with you. Give your best-selling services the top spot in each category, and upsell your higher value treatments by placing them near popular services. 

For instance, make it easy for clients looking for a simple haircut to find it straightaway under ‘Hair Services’. Then, encourage them to consider a premium service like ‘Deluxe Hair Cut and Treatment’ by featuring it as the next service on the list. 


Use packages to sell services in bulk

Packages give your clients great value for money, while helping you upsell more of your services. Bundle up services that naturally complement each other to encourage clients to try more of what you offer, or promote new services. For example, you could combine your classic manicures with a new massage service to create a “Spa Day Package”. Consider updating your packages seasonally, to match your clients’ changing needs throughout the year.

Make your pricing clear and appealing

Show exact prices upfront on your service list – remove any hidden costs that are only charged when they get to checkout. Clients are most comfortable booking online when they know exactly what they're getting for their money. You’re selling your staff members’ time and skill, so work out how much you are currently charging per hour on average and determine whether it's enough to comfortably cover your costs with profit on top.

Keep your prices simple and appealing by rounding up to the nearest whole number. If you offer a service at different prices based on your team members’ skill level or locations, use your booking platform’s advanced pricing features to add multiple prices per service, rather than cluttering your service list with duplicates.  

Proofread your service list before publishing

Take a few minutes to check your service titles and descriptions for typos and grammar mistakes before you publish your list. Correct spelling and grammar help you make a good impression on clients browsing your services; on the other hand, mistakes might harm your salon’s credibility. If you can, ask a team member to check over your service list – they might catch a mistake or two you missed. 

Share your service list online and turn browsers into bookers

Follow these steps to create a salon service menu that’s easy to browse and entices clients to book. Use your online booking platform to share your service list and reach as many potential clients as possible, with links from your website, social media platforms, and both Google Maps and Search. 

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