7 essential tips to elevate your salon’s customer service

Great customer service goes beyond simply offering top-quality treatments at your salon. It's about the experience you provide, from the moment clients find you online to when they step out of your salon feeling pampered and refreshed. Refine your customer service to make your brand stand out and create a lasting impression that keeps clients coming back – whether they’re first-time visitors or long-term regulars. 

Here are the seven best tips you can use to elevate your customer service and create a friendly, familiar atmosphere your clients will love.


Ensure your salon is easy to access

Making sure your venue is easy to find is the first step in providing a comfortable, stress-free client experience. Be sure to clearly display your address and opening hours in your profile on your booking platform’s online marketplace; and if you haven’t already, list your business on Google Maps. Check that your venue is easy to spot from all directions, and use clear signage to help new clients find you. If you have any accessible entrances or facilities, highlight these with signage too. 

Make clients feel welcome and valued

Give your clients a warm welcome the moment they step into your venue to make them feel like a valued part of your community. For new clients, this is your chance to make a great first impression – ask for their name, introduce them to the staff member who’ll be serving them, and check that they’re comfortable while they wait. As for your regulars, show them that they're valued and remembered: greet them by name, and share any new services or offers that you know will suit their tastes. 

Plus, add a personal touch to your customer service by offering refreshments to clients as they wait for their treatments, such as hot drinks during winter or cold drinks during summer. Fruit, snacks, or even a glass of beer or wine are also great ways to show hospitality and help clients feel at home.

Consult with clients to learn their preferences

Start each appointment with a quick consultation to learn what result your client wants from their treatment, plus any preferences they have. Not only will this help you tailor your service to their requests; it shows clients that you’re prioritising their needs. Also, let clients know they can ask questions at any point during their visit to help them feel at ease. 

Once you learn your client’s preferences, track them in your client notes so you can personalise their service next time they book. For example, if a client always opts for a specific manicure colour or a particular type of massage, have these ready for their next visit.


Reduce client wait time

Your clients have busy lives, so keep your wait times to a minimum – long waits can lead to them feeling unappreciated. Use your online booking platform’s calendar to effectively manage your appointment schedule so treatments start right on time. Encourage clients to fill in any consultation forms online before they come to the salon so they can get straight to their treatment once they arrive.

If there’s an unavoidable delay, let clients know as soon as possible. Make sure to acknowledge the impact on their schedule if clients need to wait a significant amount of time and consider adding a free upgrade to their service as a goodwill gesture, like a hand massage or hair conditioning treatment. 

Train your staff to deliver great customer service

Your staff members are the face of your business, and each interaction they have with your clients is an opportunity to delight them and deepen their loyalty. Equip staff with the knowledge they need to provide great customer service from start to finish – including how to communicate with clients in every situation, and in-depth knowledge of your services so they can offer clients valuable recommendations. Run regular customer service training sessions and workshops to keep your team’s skills sharp.

Keep your staff motivated to provide high standards of service by rewarding them when they receive positive client feedback. For example, you could run a competition to see which employee earns the most 5-star reviews by the end of the month, rewarding the winner with employee discounts or extra time off.  

Ask for feedback to improve your service

Invite clients to share their thoughts about your service, including what they loved and what they’d like to see improved next time. You’ll learn exactly how you can make your salon customer service even better, and your clients will feel heard and valued. Collect your clients’ contact details so you can send them automated “thank you” messages after their treatments to show you appreciate them, and ask for a review. 


Create a comfortable salon space

How your salon space looks and feels to clients will impact how they feel about their visit. A clean, inviting environment will help clients relax and enjoy their treatment. 

Make sure there are plenty of comfortable places to sit, and keep your surfaces clean and clear of clutter. You can also use warm lighting and soothing, ambient music to create a stress-reducing vibe at your salon. Consider burning scented candles or using oil diffusers to make your salon fragrant and fresh; but make sure to use subtle scents that won’t overwhelm your clients. 

Match your decor with your salon’s brand. For example, plush seating, potted plants and muted tones will help you create a luxury spa theme; whereas bright colours and bold art pieces will make your salon feel more trendy. Plus, once you have a visually appealing space, it’ll be easier for you to take great photos of your salon for your online profile.

Take your customer service to the next level

Remember to be professional, with a personal touch. Pair your treatments with outstanding customer service, and you'll create unforgettable experiences that keep clients coming back to your salon

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