How to make your online profile stand out on the Fresha marketplace

Your online profile is the first thing new and returning clients will see when browsing for services online, and with so much choice right at their fingertips, it's important that yours stands out. 

Check out our top tips for  setting your online profile apart and attracting new clients.


Take high-quality photos

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to take amazing pictures of your salon or spa. And using a great photo that really captures your business is key, since both new and returning clients will see it first when they’re scrolling through Fresha. 

Make sure the space you’re photographing is clean and tidy, and set up as it is on a regular day.

Use different angles of your interior and shots of your team in action to showcase your services and help clients understand what makes you different.

Show clients who you are

Your marketplace profile should describe exactly what your business has to offer and what makes it stand out. Add key details about your business and personalise your listing by showcasing what makes you unique.


Anything between 50 to 100 words should be enough to describe your business and show clients why you're worth a visit. Make sure you include common keywords that clients will likely search for in your description, too. For example, if your business specialises in nail services, include words like “nails”, “manicures”, or “pedicures” in your profile description.

If you're struggling to find the right words to describe your business, try asking some of your regular clients why they come to you and what they enjoy most about your services. 

Tidy up your service list

There are a few things we’d recommend checking so clients can easily navigate your service list and book the one that’s right for them:

  • The order your services are displayed in your Fresha account is exactly how they’ll appear for clients booking online. Prioritise your best-selling services by displaying them at the top.
  • Use categories to make it quick and easy for clients to browse your service list and find what they’re looking for. 
  • Make sure your pricing is consistent and representative of the quality of the services you have to offer. 
  • Add service descriptions to capture exactly what’s included in the service. Be specific and avoid repetition. 
  • Make sure your most popular services are as high on the list as possible. If there are any services you no longer offer, make sure these are removed. Or, if you have new services you’d like to offer, get it added in as soon as you can.
  • Check for typos and grammatical errors and make sure you’re consistently using the same terminology across your touchpoints.

Start collecting positive reviews


Reviews are an important part of any business success story, and can have a huge impact on how many new clients discover and book your services online. According to BrightLocal, around 93% of consumers will read reviews of local businesses to determine their quality.

Reviews build trust and credibility in your business, services and staff members – make sure your “thank you” notifications are enabled so you can encourage clients to leave reviews about their visit. 

It’s a great time to join the Fresha marketplace, so create your profile now, showcase your salon with beautiful photos, and start winning new clients on the world’s biggest beauty and wellness platform. 

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