Why you need an online booking calendar

Here are the top five reasons why using an online booking calendar is a win for you and your clients.



Clients like to book online. In fact, research suggests that over 50% of clients prefer it. And it’s easy to understand why: life — and everything on its to-do list — just doesn’t fit neatly between 9am and 5pm. That’s why 41% of the bookings on Fresha happen out-of-hours. 

Here are the top five reasons why using an online booking calendar is a win for you and your clients, each backed up with success stories straight from Fresha partners.

1) Everything, centralised

Upgrade from paper to an online salon booking system and you’ll find everything in one place, and at the tap of a button. Client details, bookings, reminders, price lists — all the tools you need to grow your business. No searching for lost pen and paper notes, or spending hours on the phone booking appointments. 

“I was scared I’d lose control of my bookings, but getting an online calendar turned out to be the best thing I’ve ever done for my business. My clients love the reminders and that they have the ability to reschedule without bothering me.” - Jo, JS Wellness and Beauty


2) Flexibility - for you and your clients

Taking bookings online gives your clients the flexibility to book, cancel, and reschedule whenever they want; and it frees up your time as a result. Time you can use to focus on other parts of your business and achieve that work-life balance. 

“Fresha cuts out so much admin. It’s helped me find work-life balance; I don’t need to be on my phone all the time anymore because Fresha just does everything for me.” - Jade, A Touch of Tranquillity


3) Analytics and reporting

Trend-spotting is easier when the stats at your fingertips, right? Some booking calendars offer built-in sales tracking and reporting, opening up a world of marketing potential. 

Fresha makes this easy — you can see who is booking, and what services and products are most popular, during any given period. It lets you build a clear picture of your clients and helps you market more effectively to them.

“We use reporting and analytics daily to future scope and plan campaigns around what’s happening. Fresha is like having a business partner and it’s so integral to Bond. I really couldn’t imagine salon life without it.” - Ursula, Bond Salon


4) Location-based search - helping you get found

Two words: More. Clients. 

Once you’ve got your booking calendar up and running, you can list your business on an online marketplace that’ll put thousands of eyes on your business. Especially when new clients are searching online for treatments in your local area; your business will show up as the answer to their prayers.

For example, the Fresha Marketplace is home to over 2 million bookings a month — partners love the business that it brings in. 

“The amount of clients that have come through the Fresha Marketplace because they've typed in ‘massage’ in their area and I've come up, has been a massive, massive help for me.” - Jade, A Touch of Tranquillity 


5) Cancellation policies - giving you peace of mind

The best online booking platforms let you create and customise your own cancellation policy. Thousands of salons, spas, and barbershops use these because it protects them from no-shows, and gives them financial peace-of-mind (plus, it saves you an awkward conversation with your client!). 

“Fresha’s cancellation policy gives me the financial protection I didn’t have before. It’s so reassuring to know we’re still going to get paid even if the client doesn’t show up or cancels at the last minute. At the end of the day, we all have bills to pay. It’s been a massive game changer.” - Kerry, Skiin Laser Clinic


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