Millions of bookings for beauty and wellness treatments are made online every month, and the quality and variety of your service list can be the difference between a potential client booking with you or one of your competitors.


We've put together a list of our top tips for tidying up your service list and turning browsers into bookers with our market-leading booking software.

Reduce clutter and focus on your bestsellers 

Providing too much choice can lead to indecision and potentially a lost booking. Prioritise the best-selling services at your salon or spa by displaying them at the top and try to avoid making your list too exhaustive. The majority of our Partners offer between 8 and 15 services for clients to book online, and our advanced pricing options make it possible for you to create different prices for services per staff member, duration, and location.



Every so often, try adding a new service you'd like to introduce and test the water by offering a temporary 10% discount to see if there’s demand.

Proofraed. Proofreed. Proofread.  

Incorrect spelling and grammar can have a negative impact on the credibility and professionalism of your business and services, so make sure you're proofreading everything before publishing your profile online. 

It will only take a few minutes to make sure that your grammar, formatting, and punctuation is consistent across your service list, but it could be the difference between a fully booked calendar or a lot of empty time slots.

Why not ask a colleague or friend to read over your services and make a test booking before you publish. It's easy to gloss over a little mistake yourself, but it might be obvious to another pair of eyes.

Keep it short and simple

How you choose to group your services together can impact the likelihood of those services being booked. Use categories to make it quick and easy for clients to browse your service list and choose which one is right for them and try creating packages of services you know clients would usually book together.

Your service descriptions need to tell the client exactly what’s included with the service they’re booking. Be specific, avoid repetition, and try to avoid using overly complicated, industry-specific language that your clients might not understand.

Check your pricing

Clients are most comfortable booking online when they know exactly what they're getting for their money. That's why it's important to show all of your prices upfront and avoid any hidden costs that are only charged when they get to checkout. You’re selling your staff member’s time, so work out how much you are currently charging per hour on average and determine whether it's enough to comfortably cover your costs with a bit of profit on top.


Keep your prices simple by rounding up to the nearest pound or use non-rounded prices that are ever so slightly below the pound mark to make clients think they’re receiving a better deal than they would elsewhere.

Run promotions to see what sells

There’s power in promotional pricing, and running promotions on services that don’t sell so well is a great way of finding out whether there is a demand for what you’re offering. If your clients still aren’t booking the service at a discounted price, it might be worth removing it from your service list.

If you’re looking for quick wins, offering promotions on new and popular services can instantly increase bookings and grow your sales. Try scheduling different promotions throughout the year based on the season and use our automated marketing campaigns to target specific clients based on how often they’re booking your services and engaging with your business. Remember, a £59.99 service discounted by £20 looks a lot more appealing than a £39.99 service sold at full price.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to promote your business online and when you sign up to Fresha Plus you'll have access to a bundle of features that have been specifically designed to boost bookings, grow your sales, and help you stand out from your competitors!