Showing you care: Seven ways to build client loyalty

Client loyalty can often be taken for granted, but remember there is a lot of competition in the beauty and wellness industry. Earning the trust of your clients is one thing, however protecting and maintaining it is equally as important.

We’ve included plenty of features in Fresha that allow you to show your clients that their loyalty really matters to your business – and that they really matter to you. Here’s some great ideas to help you create and maintain that valuable bond with your clients.



1. Exclusive discount codes

Everyone loves a discount – so make use of our Blast Marketing campaigns to send an exclusive discount to your clients via email or SMS text message, as a special thank you for their support over the years. 

Fresha’s Auto Campaigns are great for building loyalty too, and because they’re automated, they don’t require a lot of effort. Just set them up and they’re good to go! You’ll be able to send out campaigns to welcome new clients, invite them to book online, reward regulars for their loyalty, and win clients back when they’ve not visited for a while. 


2. Client birthdays

You can also use Auto Campaigns to give your clients a lovely surprise on their birthday with an exclusive offer! Simply set up a recurring, automatic birthday campaign to send to your clients every year, personalise the message and include a special offer to give them a real birthday treat.


3. VIP events

Few things make someone feel special like getting the VIP treatment, so roll out your own version of the red carpet and reward your most loyal clients with invites to exclusive events. 

Serve drinks and nibbles, give a talk with some expert tips, introduce new treatments and services, or invite one of your local business partners to speak or demo something complementary to your business. 

For example, salons and spas might host a ‘Bridal night’, looking at bridal hair and beauty, whilst inviting a local bridal boutique and florist to talk about bridalwear and floristry for the big day. You could even invite a specialist baker or wedding planner, and even a travel agent to create a complete wedding checklist!

If you’re a barber, you could replicate this on the groom’s side - it could take care of the groom, best man and close friends to ensure they’re fully prepared from head to toe as well! 

Events like this are fun, and they’re great for building loyalty and forging relationships with complementary businesses in the community. You can also encourage your clients to bring along family and friends, and you may just gain a new client, or two.



4. Client consultations

Your most loyal clients will be thrilled to be invited for a free client consultation. They’ll value the one-to-one time, and the fact that you’re sharing expert advice and tips on how to improve their hair, skin or make-up. 

Treat them to free samples during the consultation and you’ll find this provides a great opportunity to upsell with some retail sales too.


5. Loyalty schemes and memberships

Loyalty schemes are an excellent way to encourage repeat bookings. We like to keep things digital at Fresha, and that’s why we’ve made it possible for you to issue loyalty rewards by using Auto Campaigns.

Here you’ll see there’s an option to reward regular customers, those who have spent a certain amount, to either a free service or a great discount. 

Alternatively, to guarantee a regular monthly income you could sell a monthly subscription for a bundle of services. You can easily do this using our Memberships feature which allows partners to sell a service bundle at a fixed price with a recurring payment plan.


6. Free samples

Everyone loves a freebie, and this includes your clients. What you choose to give away is up to you, but samples, testers and mini treatments will always be appreciated. 

You can work with your product supplier to support you in this venture, as samples often provide a gateway for clients to try and buy new services and treatments.


7. Thank you notes

When all is said and done, there’s nothing quite like a good old fashioned ‘thank you’. The best way is of course to thank your clients in person straight after the treatment, but following up with a thank you email or text adds a nice touch.

To ensure your client comes back again soon, you could occasionally offer an incentive on future treatments and product purchases as an extra show of thanks. New clients may well appreciate an offer to lead them to book a second appointment, but use your judgement so you don’t unnecessarily give discounts. 


Join Fresha free appointment scheduling software and redefine your approach to client loyalty today!

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