Share the love: 5 top tips on how to maximise Valentine’s Day salon marketing

In beauty and wellness, it’s hard not to love Valentine’s Day and the business opportunity it presents. Comparison site Finder estimated that, in the UK alone, 91% of the celebrated Valentine’s Day in 2022, with an estimated spend of £1.37 billion. In the USA in 2021, Valentine’s Day pumped $21.8billion into the US economy, with men and women spending an average of $231 and $101 respectively.

That’s a lot of love.

Make sure to maximise sales in the run-up to February 14th with these five top tips to get your Valentine’s Day marketing just right.


Create love bundles

Clients love buying product and treatment bundles because they’re great value for money, and they have the feel of a luxurious gift. Make your bundles irresistible by combining services and products that complement each other, at a great price. For example, give clients a free exfoliator and moisturiser along with any Valentine’s Day facial treatment experience they buy. Offer clients discounts when they buy multiple services, like a couples massage or a course of multiple hair treatments.

Bundles like these not only make amazing Valentine’s gifts, they also let you introduce products and services to clients that they wouldn’t normally buy, potentially winning you new clients and generating repeat business.

Hit them like Cupid with Valentine’s marketing campaigns

If you want a sure-fire way to encourage people to buy from you, try email and text message marketing campaigns. Think carefully about your message and how best to present your Valentine’s Day treats to give your client’s gift ideas – you could offer exclusive discount codes for Valentine’s Day treatments, or promote any new services that make great gifts.

Social media marketing is also a great way to drum up interest in your Valentine’s Day gifts and offers. You could  launch a Valentine’s Day competition giving clients the chance to win a romantic gift experience, to drive engagement and encourage followers to share your content for better reach.

Remember that it’s not only about gifts. Clients may want to look their best for a date or romantic night out with their partner – or they may just want to treat themselves to some self-care. So promote services, treatments, and offers to your clients during the Valentine’s Day build-up, along with gift ideas.

Run a Valentine’s Day flash sale your clients will love

Flash sales are a great way to create urgency and drive bookings at key times of the year. When it comes to flash sales, timing is key. Consider discounting your services for two weeks before Valentine’s Day, so clients have enough time to discover your offers and book.

Use the sales data from your reports to find your bestselling treatments, and make sure to discount those. Get clients planning their appointments by clearly stating your flash sale’s end date in any marketing messages. You could even encourage repeat visits by offering an added incentive, like a discount on any future bookings, if clients book during the flash sale. 


Create your own online Fresha Store

With more people than ever shopping online for Valentine’s Day gifts, it’s the perfect time to set up an online product store. You don’t need to be an e-commerce or IT expert to get started – with the right online booking platform, you’ll have no trouble creating a professional-looking online store in minutes. Personalise your store with your logo, images of your products, and engaging descriptions that will help you sell them. Offer clients collection or delivery options to make their shopping experience as easy as possible. 

Boost sales from gift cards

Lastly, gift cards are always a popular choice for Valentine’s Day. They’re the perfect way to help your clients manage their spending, and make a great gift for anyone who wants to give their loved ones the freedom to choose their own treatment.

You can create and sell gift cards easily using the Fresha online booking platform; and to boost those gift card sales, you can also let your clients know that they’re available via blast campaigns, social media, and on your website.

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