When you need to attract new clients or win clients back into the salon, is your first thought always to focus on which discount or promotion you should run?


Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

Discounts, promotions, and bundle packages are an effective way to attract attention and generate increased revenue, which is an important part of your marketing mix – but they aren’t your only option. In fact that there is evidence to suggest that a growing number of people are suffering from deal fatigue. So think differently, and be unique in your marketing approach.

Of course, everyone loves a great deal and a not-to-be-missed offer, but clients also come to you to escape from everyday life, to indulge and pamper themselves, and to look and feel amazing. A new hairdo, beauty treatment, or having their nails done is an investment in their well-being, so they’re not always looking for that cut-price offer. Often, they’re in search of something new, different, and tempting to make them feel incredible and give them some much-needed ‘me’ time.  

An effective alternative to discounts is to speak to your client base regularly using a combination of marketing blasts that may include brand-building content, informative messages, and ‘just because’ communications, as well as the occasional discount.

Using Fresha’s auto campaigns and blast marketing campaigns, your messages should be written in a friendly and chatty tone, using the informal language you’d use if you were face to face with your client, and they should be sent frequently to let your clients know you’re thinking about them, and to keep your business front of mind. Remember to think of a subject line that’s going to grab attention and make people want to read, so your marketing messages... 

  1. Build their trust


    Whether it’s talking trends, introducing how-to videos that show your clients tips or hacks that will save them time or make them look and feel better, or answering a question that keeps popping up during service, communications that cement your status as an expert they can trust should always be part of your marketing mix.

  2. Invite them for a FREE consultation


    Free consultations are a great idea for hairstylists and aestheticians that can be done face-to-face, or virtually if you or your client prefers. You can also use Fresha forms for free as part of the consultation process too. The key here is that you’re offering your valued clients something for nothing, but it has a very high perceived value. The consultation itself needs to be all about listening to your client, understanding their needs or any issues they have, and sharing your wisdom to lead them towards the services and treatments that will work for them. This is a great way to sell your expertise, products, and services without overtly pushing for a sale. 

  3. Send a birthday wish


    It’s always the little touches that make a bit of difference and a happy birthday blast using Fresha’s auto campaigns is the perfect way to do just that. As part of Fresha’s auto campaign suite, which also includes ‘Welcome new clients’ and ‘Win back clients’ options, you can easily set these campaigns up to run automatically, so it’s an effortless way to manage your marketing. You can also make your birthday campaigns even more memorable and heart-felt by including a gift card, or a gift that they need to collect from the salon.
  4. Send out ‘just checking in’ messages


    Hello! How are you? We were thinking about you and we wanted to see how you’re getting on’. Kind words, no agenda. Genius. When you’re sending out these types of messages it’s a smart move to add a question to encourage interaction. ‘Is there any advice you need about your hair or skin?’’ Is there anything we can do for you today?’ – inviting your clients to reach out to you encourages conversation, and it can result in new appointments bookings.
  5. Last-minute availability announcements


    Sending a ‘we’ve got last minute appointment availability today’ message out to people who were in your salon within the last couple of weeks is not necessarily the best thing to do! But the occasional, well-timed ‘We have an unexpected appointment gap today at X time, hit Book NOW to snap it up’ can work very effectively. Remember to use these messages tactically, as sending them out too frequently can create the wrong impression and lose the effect of it being a rare and very special opportunity! Remember to send these to clients using blast marketing campaigns and promote on your social media too!
  6. Answer the questions that keep cropping up.


    Frequently Asked Question emails are a brilliant way to tick off issues that might be stopping people from coming in. They’re also great for introducing something new, and answering genuine topics that people are talking about or concerned about. It might include for example FAQs about hair extensions to help tempted clients overcome any concerns, it could be about how to address scalp issues or balding/thinning hair, or it could tackle skin issues such as acne, breakouts, or Rosacea. When it comes to answering FAQs emails the golden rule is to steer clear of the jargon and help clients make informed decisions. FAQ emails position you as an expert and of course, you’ll be the place they come to when you’ve overcome these issues for your clients. Remember to invite clients to raise issues too, as they may be concerned about something you’ve not covered yet.

  7. Meet the team


    Introduce your team one member at a time to bring personality to your messaging, and your brand. Talk about them, their personality and their specialities. Be sure to include a photo and ideally testimonials that will help your clients feel like they already know them. You can also add a call to action such as “why not book an appointment with…” to help boost your team’s bookings too.

  8. Product showcases


    You can always shout about a new wonder product, revisit an old favourite or give advice on getting the best results from a specific product. Clients love trying new products, so make sure you include a call to action that gets clients into the salon to experience the product. And if you’ve set up your new online store on Fresha, this makes it really easy for the client to buy it too. When it comes to sending out regular marketing campaigns, the key is to commit to the long game. Not every email, text message or campaign is going to result in instant sales, but each blast is going to increase awareness and develop relationships.

Over time, marketing your business will pay off so be consistent and patient, and make sure you use Fresha Reports to analyse the results. This way you can evaluate the success of each campaign and after a period of time, you’ll be able to see trends in terms of what your most effective strategies are. 

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