Email marketing: how to send blast campaigns that get you booked

It's easy to connect with clients and keep your salon's calendar full with Fresha's blast marketing campaigns. From personalised email campaigns that help you stand out from the crowd to automatic retargeting, your blast marketing toolkit ensures your message reaches as many clients as possible. 

We unpack three tips to help your messages be seen, get you even more bookings and sales from your blast marketing campaigns, and keep your salon full of happy clients, year round. 


Design your blast email campaigns to match your brand and message

Use the Fresha blast email builder to create email templates that match your campaign’s message and your brand’s personality. For example, you could use bright colour palettes with imagery of happy beachgoers to promote your summer packages; or deep, cosy tones with elegant fonts to celebrate the holiday season and share your festive deals. Keep your design aligned with the visuals on your website and at your salon, and write your content using language that reflects both your online presence and how you speak to clients face-to-face. 

You can drag and drop images, buttons, colours and text to quickly create a design from scratch in minutes; or if you need inspiration, take your pick from our library of free email templates and edit them to suit your message and brand. If you’re using the email campaign to promote a specific deal, be sure to include a button that lets clients access the deal and book an appointment right then and there.

Share important news with clients with multichannel campaigns

When you need to share in-depth, important news, like announcing a change of location, updating your opening hours, or introducing a new set of services, why not send a multichannel campaign? By leveraging both email and text messages you'll be able to reach as many clients as possible, even if you don’t have their email address.

While great email marketing leads to more sales and full calendars, you may have clients who have only given you their phone numbers. Multichannel campaigns let you share your email content via text message by sending a personalised link that displays your email content when opened. 

Keep the content of the actual text message short and sweet. Use it to build excitement and get users to click the link to your email campaign. Here are a handful text message templates you can use:

  • “New location alert! Find out where to go for your next pampering session. [link]”
  • “Good news, we’ve extended our hours! Discover our new timings here. [link]”
  • “You’re going to love this: all-new treatments, just for you. Find out more: [link]”
  • “Time for a change? See our latest hair treatment options at [link].”
  • "We're stirring things up at the salon. Click to find out how. [link]"


Resend campaigns to clients who didn’t open them at first

If a significant number of your clients miss an important email or text message campaign,  use Fresha’s resend feature to automatically segment anyone who didn’t open it and send it again. This way, you can ensure your campaign reaches as many clients as possible and they’re kept up-to-date on your essential news.

To avoid overloading clients with messages, focus on resending your most crucial campaigns that have immediate value or urgent news. For example, it’s much more important to resend a big, limited-time holiday discount or an announcement of a new venue than a newsletter covering hot weather hair care tips. Timing is also key – make sure to wait at least 48 hours before resending your campaigns to give your recipients time to engage with the email and to avoid seeming too pushy.

Check your campaign’s performance report and fine-tune your strategy

After sending your email and text message campaigns, check your reports for a full breakdown of their performance, including which clients opened your campaigns, which buttons they clicked, and whether it led to a booking or sale. 

Use the information to  fine-tune your marketing strategy, double down on campaigns that get you booked, and improve campaigns that could perform better. Say you sent an email offering a loyalty discount, and you see it has a low open rate, but a high rate of bookings from those who did open it. That tells you there’s an opportunity to make your subject line more compelling. On the other hand, if your email landed you plenty of bookings, take note of the designs you used and the deal you offered so you can repeat the success with future campaigns. 

Plus, make sure to identify which clients take what actions. If you see that one segment of your audience is much more responsive than the rest, take the opportunity to personalise messages specifically for them and boost their engagement even further.  

Here's an example of a salon that uses these tactics to send impactful blast campaigns, with impressive results:

Ready to ace your next marketing campaign?

The key to creating great marketing campaigns is to test as much as possible and see what works best for your salon and your clients. Start by creating an email with the Fresha email builder, and don’t be afraid to experiment until you find a combination of design and messaging your clients love. You’ll be sending consistently great marketing campaigns and getting booked up in no time.

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