Your two-step National Hair Day marketing plan

On 1st October, thousands of salons in the U.S. will be celebrating National Hair Day. But no matter where in the world you are, if you’re in the business of weaves, extensions, grooming, hair cutting, colouring or accessorising, this is a day to get marketing, and get noticed.

From beards and braids to bobs and blow drys, go loud and proud with our National Hair Day marketing ideas, in these two easy steps.


Step 1 - pick a theme that will guide your marketing campaign. 



Here are a few example themes:

Set yourself apart as an expert

Identify trends, showcase favourite styles and treatments, offer a Q&A, share insider tricks; and remember to use photographs of your own work to showcase your talent. 

Celebrate style history

Comb your way back through hair history. You don’t have to go too far — the twentieth century was full of iconic styles you can celebrate. The ‘20s bob, the pinned-back curls of the ‘50s, ‘80s shaggy perms, even the layered Rachel cut of the ‘90s. Just pick your eras and invite followers on social media to vote for their favourite. 

Suggest a next-level do

We love it when people choose to switch up their style. A new beard, cut or set of extensions doesn’t need to be extreme to make someone feel like a brand new person. Wolf cut, shullet, bottleneck bang: inspire clients to try something different. Make a suggestion and go for it. 

Dye (another day)

Colourists, this one’s for you. From dips to dots, get creative with your dye design, showcase your handiwork, and encourage clients to book in for National Hair Day. You could even set up a promotional code to get clients through the door for beard, brow, or hair dye sessions.

Accessorise those locks

Floral headwear, bows, bands, and pearls: if you specialise in hair accessories, you’ll know that visuals attract interest. Love is in the hair. Accessorise it.  


The power of some rest and relaxation should never be underestimated. Remind clients how a soothing treatment, hydrating mask, or deep conditioning can not only transform the health of their hair, but help them wind down, too. 


Step 2 - now you have your theme, use it to build your marketing campaign. 


You can base your campaign on one of these tactics:

  • Create offers and promotions for friends, families, couples and followers. 
  • Fundraise for a cause that’s important to you, based around your theme. For example, how many colours or cuts you can carry out in a day.
  • Livestream your dye, cut or style session and show your creative genius live to an audience. Or post beautiful before and after shots.
  • Create tutorial reels that show followers how to recreate popular styles, then post them on your social platforms.
  • Share healthy hair care tips, with a visual list of your favourite must-haves.
  • Launch a loyalty campaign or treatment experience redeemable for clients who quote National Hair Day when they book.
  • Run a competition or giveaway on your social platforms and make your most popular treatment the prize. 
  • Survey clients. Use your social channels to invite followers to vote on favourite styles; it’ll drive interest, especially if you include an incentive, and you can use the results to create a press release.

You can even use Fresha’s blast campaigns to spread the word and market your National Hair Day activities to your clients, along with our other marketing tools. Find out more

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