When clients are delayed, or, even worse, fail to make an appearance, it’s an irritating cost for any salon or spa that takes advance bookings. The good news is that with the right rules, regulations and tools in place, any loss of revenue from empty appointment slots can be reclaimed and even become a thing of the past!


We’ve outlined the steps you need to take to protect your business and make sure you never have a no-show again!

Client notifications are your first line of defence 🔔

Managing our personal and professional schedules in tandem can often feel like a stressful juggling act. With so much on our plates, it can be hard to remember what day of the week it is, let alone an appointment that’s been booked weeks or months in advance. It’s the same for your clients; if you’re not reminding them of their appointment a day or two in advance, it’s highly likely that they’ll forget. Keeping your clients updated about their appointments from the date they book to the date they're due is the simplest and most effective way of making sure they turn up (or cancel with enough notice to backfill their booking). Confirmation and reminder messages are a great place to start, as any consultation forms your clients need to complete or additional info can be included.

For a truly consistent and engaging experience, it’s worth taking advantage of the full selection of client notifications we have set up. Keep your clients updated every step of the way with cancelled and rescheduled appointments, no-show notifications, and post-appointment thank yous that offer the perfect opportunity for them to easily book with you again. 

Set up no show protection - it does what is says on the tin 🛡️

Clients are far more likely to attend an appointment if they’re at risk of being charged for cancelling late or not showing up. That’s why creating these types of penalties is a great way for salons and spas to lock in a realistic commitment from their clients. Plus you’re never out of pocket if your clients don’t end up making it (especially if it’s too late to fill the spot).

With a no-show protection policy (exclusive to Fresha Plus users), clients are required to secure their appointments with a payment card but no money will be taken upfront. This means you can set a cancellation policy and choose to charge a fee when clients cancel late or don’t show up. By using this advanced feature, you can reduce no-shows and late cancellations by as much as 90%, saving you time and money by ensuring your appointment slots don’t go to waste.

Put the blame on Fresha - we don’t mind 😉

We get it - money isn’t always the most enjoyable topic of discussion, and if a client feels they’ve been unfairly charged, the conversation can quickly take a turn. But don’t worry - we’re here to help settle those tricky disputes.

It’s important to stress that the measures you have introduced are there to protect you and your business. Your time is valuable, so make sure they know that. If you’re still having trouble discussing your no-show and late cancellation policy with your clients, blame it on Fresha. If it means the client can leave without a negative impression of your salon or spa, we’re happy to take the hit. If their issue is with accepting your policy, tell them we can’t take online bookings without one. If their issue is with a fee that they’ve been charged, tell them this is done automatically when a client cancels late or doesn’t show up. It’s actually always down to your discretion whether or not to charge a no-show or late cancellation fee. Hopefully, they will then take more care to make their appointments in the future!