How to start selling more courses and memberships with Fresha

Making sure you have the upper hand against competitors for quality of service and value for money is a surefire way of securing more bookings and boosting your revenue.

Creating bundles of your services and selling them as a course or membership is a simple yet effective way of generating more revenue from your regulars and attracting new clients with your unbeatable offers. With our memberships feature, you can start bundling your services into a course or membership that your clients can pay for in advance and redeem at a later date or automatically renew on the plan renewal date. 

We’ve put together a list of ideas to help maximise the reach of your memberships and start generating more revenue from clients past, present, and future!


Create plans with recurring payments

Our recurring payments memberships are the easiest way to get your clients to sign up for a membership or subscription-style plan that charges them a fixed fee at regular intervals.

By creating memberships with recurring payments, you’re guaranteeing a regular income each month, as well as boosting your client retention rate. Here’s an example of just how much income you could be generating each year from a single client:

  • A client may visit the barbers every 4-6 weeks (8-13 times a year). 
  • If a single visit costs £15, you could create a plan that offers a monthly membership (12 times a year) or a four-weekly membership (13 times a year) at 10% off, saving the client £18 or £19.50 a year respectively. 
  • A monthly membership would generate £162 in revenue per year and a 4-week membership would generate £175.50.
  • While the client may be paying less overall, you are still generating more revenue by boosting the regularity that they visit your business. It’s also a great opportunity to upsell some of your other products and services when they visit as they don't have to think about the money they’re spending when they’re there.

Tell clients exactly what kind of deal they’re getting

Yes - selling your services as membership is a great way of generating more revenue for your business, but it’s also about making sure your clients are receiving the best deal possible on the services they’re receiving.

When creating your memberships, it’s a good idea to use the description section to let your clients know exactly what they’ll be getting and exactly how much they’ll be saving by buying in bulk. By keeping your pricing transparent and making sure they know exactly how much they could be saving, your clients are more likely to invest in a long-term plan with your business instead of one of your competitors.

Upsell your memberships and services at checkout

Whether offline or online, upselling your services at checkout is common practice in the beauty and wellness industry. Upselling has been proven to increase your revenue and rebooking rate by encouraging clients to rebook your services at a discounted rate.

With our brand new upselling feature, you can start offering clients the option to buy your services in bulk when booking a service that’s already included in your available plans. Your clients get a better deal on the services they like to book, and you can increase your revenue and rebooking rate by upselling your services in bulk. Start upselling your memberships and services at checkout and see how much extra revenue you could be generating.

Sell your memberships online (and link from your website and social pages too)

Selling your memberships online is a great way to boost your visibility with your regulars and attract new clients outside of your regular working hours, with 60% of all online bookings and purchases made when most businesses' doors are closed.

By providing clients with a direct link to your available memberships from your website and social pages, they can purchase and book their next appointment with you in just a few simple steps! Start selling your memberships online through the Fresha marketplace and via online booking links on your website and social pages 

Check out this salon uses a “Book Now” button on Instagram to sell memberships and increase bookings:

Use blast campaigns to promote your memberships

Once you’ve created your memberships, you’ll want to let your clients know about them. Our built-in marketing features can help you deliver your latest plans and offers directly to their inbox via email or text message in just a few clicks!

Simply create your link, choose your template, tell your clients what’s included (and how much they could be saving), and send!

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