Five ways Fresha can help you stay on top of your inventory

With Fresha’s free appointment scheduling software, you can easily manage your diary, set up automated notifications, and use a suite of marketing tools to engage with your clients. That’s not to mention being able to create your own online store with our e-commerce store feature.


Retail should form an important part of your business, as product sales can have a significant impact on turnover and profit. Managing your stock properly ensures things stay streamlined and cost-efficient, helping you avoid waste and keep products up to date. 

Here’s five of our product management features designed to make stock control effortless. 


Low stock notifications

Setting up low stock notifications means you’ll be alerted as soon as you start to run low on a product, letting you know it’s time to reorder. This helps ensure you’re never caught short, so you won’t risk disappointing your clients if you run out of stock.


Stock ordering

You’ll also be able to create a new stock order with ease using our automated service. Once you’ve created a supplier profile, our auto-populating forms let you re-order whatever you need with just a few clicks - just ensure the information is correct before completing.

When you’re satisfied that your stock order is ready to go, email a PDF directly to your supplier or print out a copy to post, then sit back, relax and wait for your order to be fulfilled. 


Adding products

Adding products to your inventory is easy, and there are a couple of ways you can do this.

You can bulk import products at any time, without having to worry about creating multiple listings for the same item - our software automatically filters out duplicates.

Check out how this salon uses Fresha to easily manage their inventory:


Complete a stocktake

Stocktaking is critical to controlling your inventory, helping you keep track of products you’ve ordered and flagging any discrepancies. It will also show you how much your stock is worth, how well it’s been selling, and if there might be more profitable alternatives available.

You can use our stocktake tool to do the hard work - it helps you sort through and count your physical stock, then lets you compare it to your stock information saved on Fresha for a more accurate snapshot of your inventory.


Create and manage an online store

E-commerce has the potential to become a profitable part of every hair and beauty business. It lets you better serve your existing clients as you’ll be able to sell products 24/7 with fewer geographical limitations, and you’ll be able to introduce promotions and offers at the click of a button.

With an online store you’ll also have access to a whole new source of customer data, so you can see when you get more traffic and visits (from time of day to time of year) as well as more insights into the popularity of different products.

You’ll also have the opportunity to reach out to a new client base, who might be interested in buying your products but are unlikely to actually visit your store.


With Fresha you’ll be able to set up an online store in minutes - and personalise it to reflect your business. Once you’re set up and ready, you can share the store URL with clients through your marketing channels.

It's easy to manage, sell and reorder stock too. All you need to do is prepare the stock for shipping or collection and any sales will be automatically removed from your inventory. 

The best part is you can rest assured that all payments to your store, and client data, will be safe with our data storage and secure payment processing system. 

Retail management is made simple with Fresha’s product control features. That’s why we’re the best appointment scheduling software for hair and beauty businesses.


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