Autumn awaits: Your September marketing calendar

Autumn 2022 is around the corner, and with it comes a variety of changes. The summer holidays wind down as kids go back to school, sweaters and jackets are dug out from the wardrobe, and gorgeous orange and brown tones start to dominate.


The weather might be getting slightly cooler, but at the same time autumn seems to fill the air with warmth and cosiness — and with it comes a host of opportunities to start new conversations with your clients. From beauty products with seasonal ingredients to special days in the calendar like World Afro Day, September is full of ways to give an autumn twist to your marketing plan.

Need some pointers? Our monthly marketing map will give you food for creative thought. Cherrypick two or three of your favourite campaign ideas and kick-start your September marketing plan. 


Sleeptember - all month


It’s important to get a good night’s sleep, but research suggests that many of us aren’t getting quite enough sleep as we should. Sleeptember aims to raise awareness of the importance of sleep: it’s vital for learning, growth, memory, as well as our physical, mental, and emotional health — and what we can do to improve the length and quality of it.

Our wind-down routine, bedroom space, and technology all play their part, but the secret to a good night’s sleep is calming the mind. And this is where you come in. How you position your products and services can tie in nicely with Sleeptember.

During Sleeptember, whatever in-salon or takeaway treats your clients can enjoy to aid their sleep is great for your marketing. Think about packages you could create to soothe clients, like treatments that incorporate calming scents, music, or gentle stretches. 

World Afro Day - 15th September

World Afro Day aims to combat hair bias by celebrating the natural beauty of Afro hair and its connection with African culture. Having the freedom to wear our hair how we want to is a human right, which is why this day is supported by the UN’s Office of the High Commissioner.

Use your social channels to search for these hashtags: #WorldAfroDay and #changethefacts. You’ll find a wealth of campaign imagery which you can use for inspiration. Whether you style Afro hair or not, you can still join in to show your support by posting or reposting styles that celebrate Afro hair. 


First day of autumn - 22nd September

Autumn starts now! And the emerging trends point to bleached brows, metallic accents, statement eyes and embellished nails. Prepare for a world beyond the confines of the imagination.

Lips are varying shades of red: rich, cooling iterations in bohemian blurs and bold coral; hair is styled off the face in sculpted braids and pretty cornrows. Nails are embellished with jewels, and metallics complement striking eyes in shimmering hues of silver and bronze, neon pinks and yellows. 

Bold imagery should be your marketing tool of choice here. Use your Instagram and TikTok feeds to showcase model looks you’ve worked on, not only to showcase your skill but to open conversation and generate greater interaction. The bigger you go, the larger the result. 


Paris Fashion Week - begins 27th September 


Many will argue Paris is the fashion capital of the world. So expect the stages at Paris Fashion Week to be full of brands and models showing off the latest looks, and setting trends for the seasons to come. Including luxury leaders like Dior, Luis Vuitton, Chanel, and even a debut from the iconic Victoria Beckham. 

It’s the perfect time for salon owners to make clients feel like they’re crushing the catwalk with hairstyles inspired by the show. You could springboard off the show’s Insta feed to promote your own services, create and share a Pinterest board compiling shots of the best hair, or even offer a Fashion Week hair and nails bundle for the true fashionistas in your client base.

And that’s just Paris. New York Fashion Week just wrapped up, and both London and Milan’s shows are happening in September, so keep an eye on those. (We’ll be sharing a round up of the latest beauty trends from each of these shows soon… watch this space!)


National Mudpack Day - 30th September

How this particular day came to be isn’t exactly clear, but every 30th of September the United States celebrates National Mud Pack Day. Mud has been recognised for its cleansing properties for centuries, being used to treat a range of skin conditions like acne and eczema — some even say Cleopatra was fond of a mud mask!

While beauty treatments have come a long way since Cleopatra’s day, mud is still seen as a beneficial ingredient and is regularly used for skin treatments — which is where you come in.

Celebrate National Mud Pack day with your clients and promote any relevant services like mud facials, mud baths and more. Likewise if you have any mud-based products now would be a good day to give them a shout-out.


Other notable dates in September:

  • 1-30 | Honey Month (US)
  • 1-30 | Liptember (US, Aus)
  • 1-30 | Healthy Ageing Month (US)
  • 03 | World Beard Day
  • 09 | New York Fashion Week begins
  • 10-12 | MCB by Beauté Sélection 
  • 16 | London Fashion Week begins
  • 19 | Happiness at Work Week begins
  • 20 | Milan Fashion Week begins
  • 21 | National Fitness Day (UK)
  • 22 | Girls Night In Day (US)
  • 26 | Positive Ageing Week begins (Ireland)

Got your game plan in mind for September? Use Fresha’s range of communication and marketing tools to reach out to your clients with promotions this autumn. Whether you’re shining the spotlight on a service or promoting your products, with Fresha you’ll be able to send out automated and blast campaigns to make sure you stand out to your clients.

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