Updates to your client text messages - Fresha has you covered

We’re introducing a new way to manage your client texts. You’ll get a pre-loaded allowance of free text messages you can use on any notification type - and if you’re running low, we’ll let you know so you can top it up. Fresha’s got your back, so you can focus on running your business.


Here’s what you need to know about the new feature coming this August.


A generous monthly quota of free text messages 

You’ll receive a generous quota of free messages you can send to your clients every month, and this will be based on your account activity. If you’re a new customer, you’ll get a set amount for your free message quota.

Don’t worry about running out of text messages. If you hit your quota, you’ll still be able to send as many more messages as you need beyond - at a competitive rate.


How do I know if my balance is almost out?

If your message balance is running low, we’ll let you know ahead of time - this way you can top up if you need to, so your clients won’t miss a thing.

We also recommend setting up automatic top-ups so you never run out, giving you and your clients peace of mind that they’ll always be kept informed about their appointments.


Can I still send emails and in-app notifications to clients without paying? 

Yes! You’ll still be able to send unlimited emails and in-app notifications free of charge - making sure you have complete control over how you talk to your clients. 


What do I need to do?

Viewing and editing your existing automated messages is quick and easy. You’ll find Automated messages in the Clients section - and here you’ll be able to see all of your Automated messages, whether they’re sent via email, app or text.

You can make changes to your reminder time frames, whether it’ll go through text and/or email (clients will always get App notifications), and set up and manage your messages until you’re happy.

Sending out text messages to your clients is a great way to keep them informed and connected to your business - so they’ll look forward to coming back! But, if you’d prefer to keep your notifications sending through emails and apps only, it’s entirely up to you. 

Remember, you’ll only need to top up your text balance if your free quota runs out - and it’ll refill again on the first of every month.


Why do I now have to pay to send text messages?

We understand any fee changes can be a concern to our partners, but this small improvement will give you the power to send more messages with greater relevance than before. 

There may be an extra cost if you do need to exceed your free quote of text messages. This is because phone services providers charge more for messages sent from systems like Fresha’s - so we pass these carrier fees on, but only if you go over your free message limit. 

However it does mean that overall you’ll end up with more marketing possibilities and better ways to contact your clients.


Why do other businesses have different monthly text message quotas?

We felt the fairest approach was to set your monthly text message quota based on your account activity. This way we ensure each of our partners is able to continue using the features they’re used to, while also having access to our exciting new range of notifications.


What if I’ve topped up but don’t use all the text messages by the end of the month?

Any text message credits you’ve paid for will never expire, and any deductions we make will come from your free quota first. 

For example, if you have a monthly quota of 50 plus another 50 you’ve topped up, you’ll have 100 overall. If you only use 80 of those 100, the remaining 20 will be added to the next month’s quota of 50 - meaning you will then have 70.

Your free monthly quota won’t carry over any surplus, so it’ll be refilled to your standard quota.


Will card confirmation and deposit-related text messages be deducted from my monthly quota?

No, any system-related text messages - like card confirmations and deposit messages - won’t come out of your balance. Only messages that are listed under Automated messages (under the Clients section of the Fresha app) come from your monthly quota.

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