Simple marketing ideas to help fill your calendar this autumn

After a difficult year for the beauty and wellness industry, equipping yourself with the right tools to promote your business and services has never been more important! The easing of lockdown restrictions may have seen your calendar looking busier than ever, but as we say goodbye to summer (we know, where did that go!?) and gradually make a return to pre-pandemic life, there’s never been a better time to rethink your marketing strategy and prepare your business for whatever lies ahead.


To help kickstart your business and start growing your revenue this autumn, we’ve pulled together some simple marketing ideas that will help you stand out from the competition and start appealing to an entirely new client base.

Run seasonal promotions


Help boost your bookings with exclusive promotions that will incentivise clients to book with you during the quieter autumn months. If you have a big service menu and don’t know which ones to choose, it’s worth looking at your most recent bookings and sales reports and creating a promotional offer for specific services. If there are any services that aren’t performing as well as you might’ve hoped for, try offering a short term promotion to attract your client’s attention.

Alternatively, why not try creating a discount type that can be applied to specific services at checkout on any of the services you offer. But don’t forget - not all services are created equally. If the discount you're offering is likely to result in a major loss for your business, it probably isn’t worth doing. Consider how much money, time and resources are being invested in each of the services you’d like to promote then decide what you’d like to offer.

Reward your clients and win back old ones


Let's be honest - who doesn’t love receiving a discount on something they love!? Creating an exclusive discount for your most loyal customers is a great way to get them to book with you again and has proven highly effective at attracting the attention of clients who might not have booked with you in a while.

Our fully automated smart marketing campaigns use information from your client list and business’ default settings to surprise clients with a special birthday discount, welcome or returning offer, invitation to book online, or a reward for your regulars. It’s a good idea to review your client list and make sure the contact information you have for them is up to date to help you maximise the reach of your campaigns.

Get social


Communicating with your clients and keeping them up-to-date on your business and services is a modern day must have. Social media is playing an increasingly important role in defining how businesses and brands communicate with their clients online. Keep your business open and your clients engaged with regularly updated social accounts that promote your services and showcase your talents online. Adding Book now buttons to your website and social pages provides your followers with a direct link to your service list, and using industry specific hashtags will help attract attention from people looking to book in your area. Oh - and don’t forget to ask your clients to give your Facebook or Instagram account a follow (and tell their friends about it!)

Promote your paid plans, services, and gift cards through blast messages


There’s no simpler way to target potential clients with your latest promotions and services than with targeted messaging delivered directly to their inbox. Our blast message feature uses the information in your client list to promote your paid plans, services, and gift cards via email and text message with a direct link to Fresha's online booking system that allows clients to book an appointment in an instant.

Custom campaigns that target certain client groups with specific offerings on your service list have proven highly effective at generating more revenue. Our link generator allows you to create links to specific paid plans, services and gift cards in just a few simple steps, and these same links make it possible for you to promote your business on your website and social pages.

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