5 top tips to help you promote to clients without them feeling 'sold' to

If a hard sell feels uncomfortable for you and your staff – just imagine how your clients feel about it. Aggressive sales tactics can damage your reputation and scare clients away – so why take the risk when customer retention is so important to the success of your business?


Learn how to sell without being obvious and not only will you see an increase in revenue, but also an increase in client loyalty. Here are our top five tips to help you make your way to more sales without being pushy or making you or your client feel uncomfortable. 

Build relationships

Trust is integral to building good relationships with your clients. Hairdressers, beauticians, and therapists are in a unique position as they can very quickly build relationships with their clients whereas, in another situation, that level of intimacy can take months, if not years, to achieve. Use this to your advantage without risking that bond.


Clients are far more likely to spend money with someone whose advice and skills they respect and trust… And whatever you do, do not break the trust by giving them a hard sell for products and services they have no interest in or use.

Make simple suggestions and, when in conversation, tell them about services and products that could help them to better their hair, skin, or nails - they’ll be interested because they trust you and your expertise. Simple suggestions and ideas equal sales without you even trying.

Ask questions and listen to the answers

One of the reasons why hard selling is so unsuccessful is because more often than not the ‘salesperson' doesn’t actually listen to, or even care, about what the customer truly wants or needs.


Take the time to ask questions, get to know your client, and ask what they would like help with. Taking an advisory approach and offering solutions that will specifically work for them is far more likely to end up in a sale or upgrade. So why not invite them in for a free, no-obligation consultation for added value. This approach is especially good for encouraging existing clients to come back and try something new.

Product placement

It works on TV, and it can work for you. Show and tell the clients which products you are using during their treatment, explaining the benefits and encouraging them to ask questions.


Keep the products on show in a prominent position, ideally near the till or waiting area, and make sure that any retail display is clean and tidy so that it really showcases your available product range. 

Keep connected

Bear in mind, that your salon or spa is not the only place where you can showcase your products. Also, make sure you give a nod to your treatments and products in marketing messages and social media posts. Is it the holiday season? Time to think about spray tans and waxing. Is winter rolling in? Save your skin with a facial or the new moisturiser in stock now.


Fresha is well known for being the best appointment scheduling software – and the new Fresha Store feature now means you can sell products directly to your clients. Mention the fact that you have the store to your clients and include ‘buy now’ links in any marketing messages. Find out how you can set up your online store here.

Even if you don’t include any direct links to sell products and services in your marketing emails and text messages, they are still a valuable tool for keeping you connected and strengthening the relationship between you and your clients. Use your marketing messages to inspire clients with the latest trends, and to keep them updated about new treatments, products, and offers. Avoid being too pushy and use the added value / soft-sell approach again by putting together marketing emails that are friendly, professional, and informative (e.g. share your expert tips and advice, such as top tips for winter skin or the benefits of reflexology). Marketing emails, texts, and social media posts remind clients that you are there and that it’s time to book that next appointment. Learn how you can send marketing emails and texts with Fresha.

Giveaways to add value and feel valued

Give clients a taste of what they’re missing out on with small samples. Of course, the key to this is to give away samples that are truly relevant to that client, and which will help to make them feel good.


Did they come in for a facial? Give them some face cream to try. Are they worried about dry, frizzy hair? How about a smoothing serum or conditioner? They’ll be pleased to receive a freebie! Samples also increase customer loyalty, they make people feel valued and they may well encourage them to buy that product next time, or buy it in your new Fresha Store!

Get more business tips, support, and services and join Fresha’s free appointment scheduling software at http://www.fresha.com/for-business.

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